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Comment Re:Apple has jumped the shark (Score 4, Funny) 86

Steve Jobs must be rolling over in his grave

Maybe that's the whole idea. Those solar panels on the roof of Campus2 are not enough to power everything. But if they glue some rare earth magnets to a certain coffin and insert the resulting cylinder in an enclosure surrounded with a lot of coils ...

Comment All linked in /usr ? (Score 5, Informative) 58

All binary & lib dirs linked in /usr ?
That's incredibly STUPID
Don't they know why /usr existed in the 1st place ?

Story time:

Back in the days when today's grumpy old beardy Unix Admins were young PFYs, the Unix operating system and it's ilk were gaining more and more libraries and utilities.
Unfortunately the hard drives at the time were very small so / was running out of space. Thus a new hard-drive was mounted at /usr, and all the binaries and libraries not needed to boot the system into multiuser were moved from /bin, /sbin & /lib into /usr/bin, /usr/sbin & /usr/lib.
This also allowed universities to have labs full of workstations with very small and cheap HDDs and NFS-mount a single /usr (as read-only) to all of them. New software needed on all workstations ? Just put-it on the shared /usr


Those days we have large enough storage devices for huge / partitions and cheap enough that we don't need to NFS-mount them on lots of computers.

If you don't want to have binaries & libraries separated into / and /usr/ JUST PUT EVERYTHING IN / DAMMIT !

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