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Comment Re:Pi with an SO-DIMM Slot? SATA connectors? GigE? (Score 1) 134

The Pi already has the maximum possible RAM size. The RAM is accessed trough the VideoCore chip and the VideoCore was built for a max of 1Gb.
Pi 3+ will have to either use a new VideoCore chip - if Broadcom decides to make one - or a new APU altogether - breaking compatibility with all the other Pi versions.
Get a cheap micro-ATX board with a passive cooled CPU and you'll have all your DIMM slots and SATA ports.

Comment Re:It's not the hardware or the OS that's the issu (Score 4, Interesting) 254

Yep - another S6A Knox user here.
If i lose data connection for a bit, i feel-it as the phone heats up like mad while sucking the battery dry.
  If i lose the data connection for too long, it will self-format (and destroy all the data/photos/application settings on the phone)
And when the data connection is working fine, the fscking antivirus randomly kicks in and slows everything down. I had battery life varying from 3 full days to 3 hours.
There's no way to get consistent functionality from a secured Samsung phone. While on iPhone everything works as it should.

Linux kernel on Android vs MACH Darwin microkernel on iOS.

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