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Comment Competition (Score 1) 423

P.S. Treating disease is a competitive marketplace. Suppose Company A sells pills that alleviate the symptoms of arthritis for $500 per year. If Company B developed a cure, how much money would it be worth? Is that number higher than the $0 that Company B collects while Company A is merely treating the disease?

There is plenty of money in cures. Just look at chemotherapy drugs. We don't have a cure for everyone, but many people do go through surgery and chemotherapy and come out cancer-free. Those drugs can reach $100,000 for a course of treatment. There's plenty of incentive for another company to develop a treatment that's either cheaper or more effective.

Comment Re:Its the users, not the OS (Score 1) 583

If a car company builds a car and sells it to a customer then they drive it do we fault them? How about if the car blows up when it is hit from the rear? Do we blame them? How about if they know about it and drive it anyway (though they didn't know when the bought it)? How many of them would know about it and know how to find out about the fact that the car blows up when hit from behind? Does the family of the first incident tell everyone in the world personally? Do we expect everyone to go out and find every defect in the car that might potentially cause the car to fail resulting in a tragic death?

The point here is pretty damn clear and you should know well enough, period. NO, not everyone is nor will be expected to know about the issues with their computer. They buy it as they would any other device, such as a camera and use it as it was intended, as it was designed.

Microsoft designed the OS this way and thus these are the faults of Microsoft. One has to at least contemplate that the EULA was written primarily to cover them on this one issue alone.

When the iPhones began to overheat and some stated that it cause them to explode next to their head is everyone supposed to stop using the iPhone? How about all those Powerbooks that caught fire? Or how about the idea that all the use of cell phones could potentially cause the consumer to suffer brain cancer tumors?

We can't expect every consumer to know about these things. Even for a technical person knowing what is the cause is difficult. Which site did they visit? How are updates done? How about the size of the updates? How about making their computer worse by installing those things that are supposed to protect them (slow downs, incompatibilities, etc).

I find it difficult to believe that anyone would blame the average user for this stuff. Shift the blame back where it belongs--squarely in the software developer's lap.

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