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Submission + - Confused about replying to a post

ps2os2 writes: "Slashdot is fairly easy to follow but something has changed in posting replies and it has me somewhat confused or you could make it easier.

There are two items that are bugging me and I need an explanation, please.

I occasionally reply to a posting and after I am done it is unclear to me how to submit the item. The instructions tell me to hit the save button and I cannot find a save button per se. I can find something called save but I am not sure I would call it a "button" Is this the save you are talking about?
Couldn't you make it easier to find. I stumbled on by mistake because I couldn't find any button that remotely looked like a "Button"

The second item is I *THINK* when I originally started replying on SLASHDOT that at least a message showed up saying my entry was delayed for moderation. Which is *FINE* I know that the system accepted my reply. Now I get NO INDICATION that the reply has been accepted. Shouldn't there be some sort of indication one way or the other?


Submission + - Medical School in the Caribbean goes Hamburger U

ps2os2 writes: DeVry to acquire medical school
By: Kelly Quigley March 20, 2003
DeVry Inc. has agreed to buy Ross University, which operates medical and veterinary schools in the Caribbean, for $310 million in cash.
Oakbrook Terrace-based DeVry called Ross University a "key acquisition" that will provide entry into the growing medicine and health sciences sectors of the higher education market. The deal will add to its earnings immediately and have a positive impact on operating margins and cash flow, the company said in a statement Wednesday.
Ross University's campuses are located in the Caribbean countries of Dominica and St. Kitts-Nevis. Most of the university's 2,500 students are citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. Students complete their basic science curricula at Ross campuses and finish their clinical work at teaching hospitals and veterinary schools in the U.S.
The 25-year-old university is currently owned by affiliates of Leeds, Weld & Co. and J.W. Childs Associates, private equity firms located in New York and Boston, respectively. Last year the university reported net income of $18 million, on revenues of $62 million.

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