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Comment Re:double standard (Score 0) 611

In the IT industry there are a subset of people who do a LOT of math. 30 or so years ago they had their convention in Vegas. It was a tremendous large event however very few of the sessions had people in them. Most of the people were in the casino's trying to win.

After that, the group took Las Vegas off the possibility of places to attend. Its hard to compete when you have more people think they are smarter at winning that trying to leard new methods of using math to do your every day job.

Comment Ten Worse? (Score 0) 203

I do not think so. The instructions that came with the IPAD was maybe 3" x 4" piece of paper and probably in 5 point type.
Simply put I could not read them. I had no clue what to do with the damn thing.
I had to have a friend come over to hook the thing up and to connect it to my wireless system.
Of course I have found the IPAD a PITA to use especially for typing. The key pad is worthless (to me). I had to go out and buy a keypad.
I have used it so little there are several layers of dust on the damn thing.
It is alo too heavy to read anything on my fingers tire after 15 minutes and I have to put it down for 30 minutes.
Sorry Apple it just does not cut the mustard for me.

Comment Re:Is opening a spouses mail a crime? (Score 0) 496

Not at all. By your definition is that a robber can get away with robbery because a bank invited the public to come in.
I think the operative word in the case is that the husband had intent to investigate his wifes' other time. I do not care if she wrote the passwords down or not its intent.
Just like Sarah Palin broke into her opponents email accounts make her no better that when some one else did it to her.
I love the two faced politician like Sarah Palin. In both instances she broke the law and some one "broke" into her email account.
Both parties are guilty. In this case the husband broke into his wifes email account. I think the operative word in this case did he have her permission, NO. I do not care if they are hisband and wife he broke into her emazil account, unless she gave him explicit permission.
Mail is similar if there is an understand that it is OK to open the others mail then it is OK until permission is stopped.

Comment Re:Makes the rest of us suffer... (Score 0) 347

I have a long reply to this but will try and make it short.
At one of my previous jobs the VP thought it would be a great idea to log everything I did (I was a sysadmin).
It was fun as right during my mass update of the OS I was getting so many loggings that the system actually slowed down because of it.
I called the auditor and asked him if he wanted to see what I was doing and have me explain what was going on. He was surprised and said sure bring it upstairs. I had three people bring 17 boxes of printout up to his conference room and put them on the table I told the three people to go back to their jobs. So I sat and waited for about 10 minutes and the auditor walked in and asked me what all this printout was from. I said well 10 percent of it is you logging me and the other 90 percent is printout that has to be saved for 12 months. Would you like me to explain what is going on? He says well he only has a few minutes and the conference room is booked. I said look I will give you a 5 minutes intro and just go through some of the output. I had to explain in 5 minutes a high level over view on maintenence and how it is supplied from the vendor. I then proceded to go through the first few pages and I could see his eyes glaze over and I paused. Is this enough explaination to ask you to turn off logging on me? He says he will get back to me.
10 minutes later he calls me up and tells me he has authorized the logging be turned off on me.
About 3 weeks later I was talking with my security guy and I asked him in a round about way who asked to have me logged. He would not tell me directly but I got who it was from they things he said. It was my boss's boss squared.
So the next time I had to run one of my huge jobs I got the three people together and put the paper on some carts and wheeled it in to his office and asked him if he wanted to see what I do for a living (he really had no clue). He said no thanks the auditor OK'd it and that was good enough for him. As I was leaving I could hear him on the telephone to the auditor asking how I knew who asked for the logging the auditor said he didn't tell me (he didn't). He never could figureit out.

Comment Caps Lock Key (Score 0) 391

I may be in a minority here but I wish they would get rid of the caps lock key forever.
I had a stroke and the control on my left hand is less than good (its poor) so I was forever hitting the caps lock key with out realizing it.
I have to buy an application that actually disables the key.
I wish it had never been invented.

Comment Re:Personally... (Score 0) 558

This is similar (I think). Back in the mid 1990's I worked as a systems programmer at a large hospital here in Chicago. I was called for Jury Duty. I was actually selected to be on a jury and then the jury selection started up. I was asked where I was employed and I told them and there was an objection and I was excused.

As it was explained to me later I just so happened to work at the same hospital where the person who was suing was treated for a dog bite. Apparantly they thought I had access to the medical records. I did not and had no idea even where the records were kept. And more importantly no idea on how to look any medical records up.

Fine with me as we have a system here you serve one day on jury duty and if you are not selected you go home.

Comment Re:Universal Health, I mean, Internet Care? (Score 0) 434

Toll roads??!!! You have got to be kidding
Take the toll rode here in Illinois its run by relatives or appointees of corrupt politicians and talk abouty feather bedding I won't go there.
Or take for example the Ohio Turnpike (toll road) It was built in the 1950's and was to be turned over to the public once it had been paid for by tolls. Haha It still costs to take it and it seems that each year the turn over gets put back 20 years (or so).
On an ideal situation both of these would have been turned back to the state but the politicians find ways of making money over it and acrttually do not want this to happen as they will loose their gravy train.

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