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Comment Re:Prior Art (Score 1) 97

Tivo is still around.

Well, sort of.

I switched from Directv to the hated cable company to get back to a tivo (a romio). Turns out that the interface just isn't, well, what we liked tivo for.

Rather than clicking on record in the listings, it's something like three. And for a season pass, rather than clicking record twice, it's several. Because, gosh, they've got to make buying it to watch the default first choice, don't they?

Can't screen for series premiere any more either.

Now, it's just a slightly better DVR :(


Comment elasticities (Score 1) 723

That depends *entirely* on the price elastic of demand--the decrease can be either less *or* more than 1%. And in the (bizarre and hypothetical) case of the "Giffen good", demand could actually *increase* (but no-one has ever shown an example of such a good.)

hawk, now taking his economist hat back off

Comment it's the mouse, not something else, being changed (Score 1) 301


Virus that can infect multiple species aren't even uncommon enough to raise interest.

This is about the *gene* jumping species, which is nonsense for animals (plants are another matter, and I can't even guess as to other kingdoms).

That is, they're editing the genes of the released mice, not infecting the mice.


Comment Re:People last, right? (Score 1) 301


The Chinese have been doing this to themselves quite effectively.

One Child Per Family has led to aborting females en mass, and has already tweaked the sex mix. This in turn affects the next generation, even if you drop the policy, as with a, for example, 55% male generation, the average female needs to produce (50/45)*2, or more than 2.2 children for break-even.


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