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The Internet

Journal Journal: Bloggers Suck

We've all been hearing about the blogging craze with everyone from old women to young teenagers setting up their own blogs and complaining about life, politics and anything else they can possibly think of. Sure, they have a right to do that, but honestly, 90% of said blogs suck. It could be one of, or a combination of the following: design, writing, pictures, and anything else that could be messed up.

Some people even put advertising on their "blogs" to try and make a couple bucks. Pop-up ads for these free blogs are even worse than having banner ads and Google ads all over the place.

Then we have bloggers who go to war against each other, flaming each other's works like they really matter. I saw two recently flaming back and forth and when I checked their Google Pagerank neither had even a blip. Basically, two people verbally sparing and no one listening in. To put that into perspective, my own website has a Pagerank of 5, which is pretty awesome for a side hobby.

Bloggers for the most part need to realize that in the grand scheme of things online, they are very, very tiny. It takes hundreds or even thousands of bloggers to actually form a voice loud enough to be heard by anyone. Sorry, but that's the harsh truth.

User Journal

Journal Journal: ibiblio is Chugging

Lately ibiblio has been chugging really slowly. The good news is that they'll be upgrading their file server soon with some nice new hardware. For the past couple weeks the server farm has been getting a software update, so the sites have been a little slow.

My own two sites, and Open Source Gaming have been suffering a little from the slowness. If you've been by and wondering what's wrong, there you go. Check back soon, and everything should be back to normal!

Journal Journal: You AREN'T Funny!!

Ok people, there is a reason why you live your life in a cubicle and never see the light of day... and why you're not a stand-up comic. Your humor blows. Stop the crappy jokes already!!

Journal Journal: Not so Funny...

I just wanted to make the point that most of the comments that are "funny" here, really aren't. They always end up being the tired same ole' things, or they're just stupid. I've already set my preferences to give all comments rated Funny a -2 modifier, just to keep most of them out of my hair.

Now that I've meta-moderated some, I haven't found any of them worthy of being considered funny... unless you're a retard.
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Journal Journal: What if in the Year 2020...

I haven't used this section much at all yet, so I figured it was time to pull it out of the filling cabinet and put it to use. I'll pick an arbitrary year sometime in the future, and try to make some guesses about what may or may not be happening at that time. Hopefully at least one of them will be correct when that time finally arrives. (I originally wrote this for my own site,

What if:
  • the best cars were made in Mexico?
  • the latest craze was to wear your pants inside out?
  • there wasn't a Kennedy in the U.S. Congress?
  • spam was 99% of all e-mail?
  • GMail accounts started getting full?
  • the world survived the re-election of George W. Bush?
  • computers had 1 terabyte hard drives?
  • Nintendo made a comeback as a handheld only company?
  • China had invaded Taiwan and Japan and controlled them?
  • North Korea had used a nuke against San Fransisco?
  • Iran exists as another democratic republic after a U.S. invasion?
  • finally had more than fifty visitors a day?
  • Blogging went out of style?
  • Star Trek: The Next Next Generation was making its rounds as reruns?
  • Star Wars had finally been milked to the point of utter exhaustion?
  • Micheal Moore wrote Fahrenheit 11/2: How Bush Got Elected Five Times?
  • France finally grew a backbone?
  • game consoles were only the size of today's optical mice?

Scary thoughts... very scary thoughts!! :-o


Journal Journal: Hey Bill, Fix my Windows!!

Windows XP is supposed to be the easiest operating system to install, ever. It might even be that.... or at least it may look that way from the overview a typical user would see. This all falls apart when something breaks though.

In my case, Windows decided after I reformatted one of my drives (not the one with Windows installed on it) that it wanted to change all of the drive letters around. What used to be the F: drive became the C: drive and therefore, everything stopped working. Now I can't login and play any of the games I have installed, or the new ones I received for my birthday. Of course, trying to switch them back is not nearly as easy as getting them messed up was. Of course, this wouldn't be so bad if Mr. Bill Gates and his proprietary gang would open up their specifications so that tools that work could be used to fix the problem (i.e Linux).

So after spending hours trying to get Windows back up after following not-so-helpful Microsoft tips, trying bootdisks (which can only read NTFS, not write to it) and then even swapping hard drives between computers, it was all a waste. As a last resort, I did a "repair" using my roommate's CD, and then when I went to login after that... I needed to activate it. Microsoft stupidity strikes again... It's not like I want to use it to do real work, I just want to play my games. Why must it be so hard for me to load up my glorified XBOX???

Sorry Microsoft... I really think your operating system sucks... and will continue to suck. Maybe if your engineers used a little bit of common sense when they put the thing together, it would work a lot better. That massive Registry just has to go though... maybe a file setup like Linux/Unix with a directory named /etc would work better. That solution wouldn't require a proprietary program to make modifications to the core operating system variables.

No Windows for me now... guess I'll just have to wait until Monday.

(This came from


Journal Journal: Open Source Gaming

Open Source Gaming ( has been existance for more than eighteen months. I've been working on rebuilding the site after a phpNuke vulnerability put everything I had done up to this point at risk. The site just recently achieved 120 different links to games and programming tools... with many, many more coming down the pipeline.

I'll be adding updates once in awhile when something significant happens on the site, or if it should be down. Normally all news will only be posted on OSG, since it would be redundant and nonproductive to post it elsewhere as well. Be sure to check out OSG, and if you know of games that aren't listed in the directory, please submit them!

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