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Comment Re:Thank you Carole Adams (Score 1) 341

So, hypothetically... if someone were to shoot and kill you in this private world of yours... who would care/pay for the trial? Your family and their "private police" may argue it's murder, but the person who killed you may argue it was self-defense. Who will force them into court? Your family's private police force? What if theirs is larger? What if they just decide to wipe out your entire family? Who will care/pay for that trial? If no one does, does that not make it murder anymore?

It seems what you're advocating is going back to the 6th century where might makes right and every lord controlled acres of land and dealt with infrastructure. You'll easily be crushed by a larger, more organized, and civilized nation.

Comment Re:Thank you Carole Adams (Score 1) 341

You think the US numbers are garbage, but the Chinese numbers aren't? You seriously think the Chinese don't cook their books? How much contribution to the GDP does an empty Chinese city generate exactly?

Besides that, the Chinese monitor everything. There is NO privacy in China. So what exactly is it you're advocating for if you think the Chinese are doing it better? The poor in China still live in shitholes. By moving to capitalism, they didn't all just magically become rich. There are more poor people in China than there are people in the US... threefold!

You are naïve and... you fail.

Comment Re:Who will be in control? (Score 1) 183

Ayn Rand makes the same argument in Atlas Shrugged. Reardon builds a metal industry far better and more efficient than any competitor, so then the "have-nots" come in and demand that it be controlled and shared for their benefit despite having done nothing to develop it or expand upon it.

That's exactly what you're advocating. Governments and people who had no hand in building this great achievement want to come in and take control despite having done nothing to build upon it, while a relatively benevolent entity has controlled it for decades. What gives you that right?

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Do Unlimited Mobile Internet Options Still Exist?

An anonymous reader writes: Right now, my family uses Clearwire for mobile Internet. Which to my knowledge, has no data caps implemented. Using the mobile modem, we can tether a number of devices to it. While the speed may be slow for what we're paying for it ($39.99/month before discount for 1.5mpbs if I'm not mistaken), it is satisfactory.

However, with Sprint acquiring them and WiMax being shut off around November 6th, this won't be an option anymore. Does there exist any unlimited mobile Internet plan out there in which tethering can be done to a standalone device, or are those days gone? I thought about Freedompop, however, those aren't unlimited.

Any advice?

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