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Comment Re:Sure.. my job can be automated (Score 1) 402

Is your work repetitive? Then you should get afraid. However, processing contradicting documentation of requirements requires creativity, which is currently out of the grasp of AI. It also will be that way for the coming 20-30 years. However, AI could read the documentation for you detect the inconsistencies and support you by searching the bloat and code for you. This will make you more efficient. Unfortunately, less programmers are then necessary for the same amount of programming. Fortunately, we live in the information age which requires more developments every year.

Comment Hey how super innovative (Score 1) 94

In a country where you can patent everything including a business model and a fart, this is no surprise. The initial idea (the one which was put forward) of patents was to protect the hard work of single poor and lonely inventor. However, it never worked very well for that purpose. In the last couple of decades it was completely converted in a weapon of big companies to battle each other in and outside court, and to protect them from smaller companies and real start-ups (not those money pampered "unicorns"). Therefore, patents should be abolished or at least replaced by non-monopoly patents where you have to share the patent and you get paid based on the price or revenue of the product of patent user.

Comment Re:You don't get it. (Score 1) 427

You are mixing things up. First, it has already been pointed out by others in this forum that the original author describes something which can be better described as bullying, which is in fact something different than usually described by gaslighting. Bullying can lead to psychological harm too, but usually you are aware of being bullied. Second, we are discussing what to do in an environment where you feel to be manipulated and your ego is suppressed or gone, and the person feeling that feels disoriented. And in that case seeking help is usually the best thing to do in conjunction with leaving the the "toxic" environment. Third, with your rant about "Donald Trump" etc. you are definitely leaving the topic we discussed before. It looks like you want to talk about something completely different. You can do so, but it has nothing to do with anything I posted before.

BTW: Donald Trump made racist comments and he also categorized people by their value which are two common characteristics of fascism. Also he is authoritarian including his believe in a strong leader (which is obviously him). That is another common trade of fascism. However, you are right about:
"Classroom Topics ~= Uncomfortable ~= Triggering ~= Abusive ~= Violent, ergo Classroom Topics == Violent and Abusive and requiring federal intervention
and so on." This is typical bullshit of people who did not grow up, but are at university. This comes often together with "Why should I know that? I passed that exam last semester/year."

Comment You don't get it. (Score 1) 427

You still do not understand what I am saying. To do what you propose requires ego. If your will is destructed you cannot perform what you request. There is also enough scientific evidence that people under certain conditions are unable to fight. What you had in your past was someone helping you to develop an ego or you are a natural talent. This is similar to people from a "bad neighborhood" many of them end up being criminals and some of them are able to escape these conditions. However, you are obviously not able to put yourselves in the shoes of someone who lacks ego. Furthermore, you assume people behave logically. They do not. How else could I be so stubborn?

BTW: What has that to do with the left (what ever that is?).

Comment Re:No, it's not ignorant. (Score 1) 427

That is exactly the ignorance I was talking about. You do not grow a backbone by getting up after you have been beaten down. Doing that already requires that you have the ego to do that. In case your ego is limited or non existent then you will not fight. All your examples of the brave people in the last century are rubbish, as they went there knowing they have to face evil otherwise there will be no USA anymore. However, even in those times people were pushed around and send to do things they did not want, but they did not see a way out of it.

Anyway, you are right in the assumption that it is not helpful to go through official channels claiming abuse. It seldom works for women and I am not aware that it worked for men. Therefore, there are only two main options fight or run. Whereas I would prefer to establish an exit strategy. Therefore, loosing is not an option.

In addition, usually people do not know that they be gaslightened (if that is the word). As other already stated this might be more a case of bullying where collecting evidence is not that relevant. And with bullies you often only need to punch their noses.

Comment Re:'Developed a Clear Preference' For Trump (Score 1) 732

You mean when he was born a US citizen. I did not know there is a pre-birth opt-out option available. The US is a federal republic with a common federal government. In other federal countries, like Germany, the peoples votes are all equal, having the same value. However, they only vote for their parliament which subsequently votes for the government. Anyway, the parliament proportionally represents the pubic vote.

Comment Re:'Developed a Clear Preference' For Trump (Score 1) 732

The electoral college is not fair, as it does not represent the popular vote. However, it was this way for a long time including Bush, Obama and now Trump.

Your point (3) is also false. The evidence does not show that it had no influence. The evidence shows that the Russians were involved in the hacking. The report did not evaluate whether this had an effect on the election or not. Therefore, your conclusion is also false. However, it is quite possible that fake news and the eroded trust in politics have resulted in Trumps election. Furthermore, Trump used a so-called disruptive strategy which worked well in such an eroded environment.

Comment Re:Develop a backbone. (Score 1) 427

You do not understand the effects of gaslighting. The person subjected to it gets its "backbone" removed over time. To insist someone have to grow a backbone is a very ignorant position. Understandable, but ignorant. The two options are (a) get out of there and rebuild your ego outside. It might help to seek professional help. (b) log everything, try to build alliances and then present your case through official channels or directly to higher management. Unfortunately, this may also result in your dismissal. The second option is only worth it if the company is somewhat emotionally relevant to you.

It is also possible to seek professional help and try to improve your position with that help, before you quit or fight. In case you live in Europe you could also go to works council, as you do not trust the management. That is where to go.

Comment One other thing (Score 1) 504

It is stupid to believe that a country can be run like a company. In a country you have to understand macro economics and pursue the interest of all people, while as business person you only need to be concerned with your company (that is micro economics). In addition in politics the world is not about deals it is about treaties and common understanding. A deal is a singular event. It is often not necessary to consider all the side effects of selling a product or service. In a political context, it is not helpful to make a treaty your partner suffers from or third party suffer from, because there might be a time in future where you have to make another treaty with the suffering party. We do not live on Ferenginar and the US President is the Grand Nagus. Still in the TV series the Ferengi have a bad reputation which harm trade and commerce.

Comment Re:It will (Score 1) 504

a) The article says that it can become the cheapest option (in some countries).
b) Fossil fuels are highly subsidized (even if you ignore the ecological problems they cause).
c) The power companies control grid and grid access (to some degree). Therefore, it is harder for renewables to get into the market. Also there might be consumer bias.
d) It does not matter whether it may become cheaper or not. We have to get rid of fossil fuels, extensive methane production and oxides of nitrogen to prevent further damage through climate change. However, your upcoming government denies climate change and will, therefore, not take action. He even considered stopping initiatives pushing renewables.

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