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Comment Good idea (Score 1) 151

Geoengineering is a good idea. Unfortunately, we do not really understand how to do it. The only geoengineering program that works is climate change with CO2, methane and nitrogen oxides. And that us a by product of our lifestyle. The geoengineerers remind me of Mao Zedong. He once killed some kind of birds because he knew that they eat some of the rice seedlings. Unfortunately, he did not know that the same birds eat rice harming insects. So he geoengieered the birds away resulting in starving Chinese.

Comment Re: Unwise to play by the rules? (Score 1) 215

Uber, Lyft and co avoid laws to protect passengers and workers. These companies business model is based on not paying their share into social services like healthcare and retirements. Also they circumvent laws for sick leave and other protection rules. This is very different to YouTube which may have violated the copyright of other rich companies.

Airbnb for instance causes rising rents in cities which is bad for the present inhabitants which get displaced. Therefore, they have longer routes to commute which has multiple negative effects for the economy (more roads and mass transit, less rested workers etc.) .

What these gig economy companies do is Manchester capitalism all over again. That is bad for society. Note: The economy is there to support people. It is not a facility to suppress people and make a few very rich.

Comment Re: Appeal (Score 1) 215

That is not how this court works. It can revoke the previous ruling (in this context).

Anyway we do not want gig economy in Europe, as it is bad for workers. It is Manchester capitalism all over again.

Comment Re:Rubbish (Score 1) 109

It is nice that you are giving any details to your conclusion. I thought we do not want to indulge in bullshit based on feelings and rather use evidence to come to conclusions. For a summary (even on /.) it is necessary to give a little more than just a "biggest rubbish ever"-claim. If he found flaws he could have provided something like: We found 100 security flaws in the code in 1000 LOC c-code.

Comment Rubbish (Score 1) 109

How can he say such rubbish as a scientist. Has he seen all code of everything? What are his metrics? Don't get me wrong. The Tizen code could be one of the worst code there is. This is a fair hypothesis, but then you have to provide proof. At least some metrics on implementation errors, complexity, patterns etc.

Comment Rubbish in Cans (Score 1) 315

He favors automatic memory cleanup an trashes C for using marcos for it (which is indeed stupid) and favors destructors . But in that case he could just favor C# or Java. Both do the memory cleanup for you.

Also his examples look very cluttered. It looks more like a C++ lover who try to bash C.

Comment Re: Yeah, the bubble will pop long before that (Score 1) 374

Instead of finanzing Mord military the US could actually make colleges and universities tuiton free and support students directly so they can pay for rent and food. Yeah I know a crazy idea. It would make all this stipeniums meaningless and poor/black/other minorities could study, but that would be socialism and does not work. Never. Expect in Europe but hey they suck big time. They do not even pay the US /sarcasm

Comment More Vaporware (Score 2) 58

As long as they do not have the concept worked out all those stories are pure fiction. It might be feasible it might be stupid. However, you cannot say, as the specs are not out. Yes I know there are some specs on the tech and some issues with the solution. However, this is not a solid concept, as there are so many missing pieces. Therefore, they should not come up with ideas where to build it, but with a general solution.

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