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Comment Will avoid the US (Score 1) 506

For the time being, I will not try to submit papers to US-based conferences, as a separate travel laptop for the US and a separate phone is (a) expensive and (b) I need the data on the phone. Shall I memorize all the contacts? Certainly not. As most international conferences are not every year in the US, I can work around this.

Comment Re:Pharmacists can be replaced now (Score 1) 361

You have a limited view on what pharmacists do. In case you refer to those only pushing boxes over the counter, they are expendable, but those who support you with your medication, check it for side effects (doctors are not that well verse in that department) discuss problems you have with your medication. These people have social skills which are hard to automate. Presently, we are not able to do so. However, the work pharmacists do today will rapidly change in the future.

Comment Research and research politics (Score 1) 361

My past job was doing research in computer science, especially code generation and software observation, analysis, adaptation and evolution, which both require model transformations. In a sense I build systems which can help themselves and know their limits. Now I moved on in the department of writing for research grants together with smaller and larger groups of researchers (even from other fields). This requires politics (I give you my Lego when I can have your Lego) and the ability to form compromises. Computers cannot do that. Present system would only try to reason based on logic, but this has nothing to do with logic. It has to do with ego and no one will give up his position to be replaced by a negotiation bot.

Comment Re: They want to be a welfare state? (Score 1) 237

There are separate meanings of free. In this case free refers to the access. You can access it regardless of your economic situation. However, the money has to come from somewhere. Therefore, all pay our bill together based on how capable they are. Also in free software, free refers to the freedom of access and not to the you do not have to pay for it, as you have to invest your time to make it executable and adjust it to your needs.

Comment Re: They want to be a welfare state? (Score 1) 237

Of course we have to pay. No one said it is free. However, in our system the wealthier support the poor. Through this everyone gets descend healthcare. While without such a system, the poor have no healthcare and health cost can ruin your life. We prevent that and it is a good thing. Also it follows the notion that you are not only responsible for yourself and your actions, but also for your fellow humans.

Comment Re: Doing it wrong? (Score 1) 600

Recursion is acceptable, but you may run out of stack space iff you get into endless recursion. However, this can be detected by a compiler under some conditions.

GOTO however, is weaker in semantics than a loop or condition, as it can imply both.

The article is stupid anyway. He only added recursion so that he can easily claim that it us useful and so is goto. That happens when.people stop reading Kuth and get their education from YouTube.

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