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Comment Visiting the GDR (Score 1) 340

Dear US customs,

from past experience visiting the (now no longer existing German Democratic Republic (Democratic as is Congo)) you could do so much more to make your country save. First, do not use Facebook or Twitter to find out anything about people. These services are used to project your public image. Second, in the old GDR no filthy foreigner could simple visit (except for those from West Berlin to East Berlin). You required an invitation. Third, everyone required a visa and you had to exchange some money on a per day basis into local currency on a one-to-one ratio. Fourth, as people must be invited you know the motivation for the trip and can in addition assess the visited family or group to make sure they are not terrorists.

Hope that helps.

Kind regards
prefec2 (yes this is also my twitter account, I think, maybe I changed it I forgot, ask my phone if you really need to know)

Comment Depends in your funds (Score 1) 159

First of all collect the complete story. Then make it public. Name the company. And depending on your country get legal advice. In many cases US EULAs are not valid in the EU to their full extend, as we have other regulations and a lot of fraud protection. In case the support was the usual thing a customer expects, they would have to deliver that. As you are a little vague on the issue and company it is hard to give you definitive advice.

Comment Re: And here it comes... (Score 1) 373

A human body is not a cellphone. It is not a understood technology. In fact we know that cell reproduction in a human body is limited to a certain number of cell divisions before this cannot be done again. Therefore, all these tricks will not work in the end. But this story perfectly suits Thiel as he thinks in himself as a better or the best human and all other are lesser subjects.

Comment YAUPLR (Score 2) 241

Yet another useless programming language ranking. First they do not define what most popular means. The text suggests it means the most used language. In embedded systems it is C and C++. As embedded systems are a super widespread typenof system a lot of programmers are required. Hence it is very popular there. In contrast JS is only relevant for UI and lately small nodejs services. Most stuff in the internet runs different engines. Counting projects on github only shows the number of free or at least fancy projects , but no embedded company or other larger SW company is storing their intellectual property in the US and with an external service.

Comment Please people it is a proposal (Score 1) 56

The legislation is a proposal from Mr. Dobrindt who is famous for his unsuccessfulness and stupidity. He wanted to introduce road tolls for non Germans, which is of course illegal . Therefore the project ended in disaster. He proposed WiFi in long distance trains, but the real problem is limited track capacity. He is the worst minister for transportation we had and we had quite a few stupid ones. Nowadays he is also responsible for the Internet and telecommunications. That is why we suck there too.

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