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Submission + - Open Access Petition

prefec2 writes: I know Slashdot is just a site, read mostly in the US and other English spoken countries. However, this might be still interesting for readers of Slashdot and may be some Germans read it too. In Germany it is possible to send and sign e-petitions to the parliament (Bundestag). And I want to point out that there is a petition on Open Access waiting to be signed from you guys. If more then 50 000 people sign it, the initiators can make a public appearance before the Committee of Petitions, which will give the topic more publicity. So please go and sign it. The e-petition site is available here:;sa=details;petition=7922 [translated version of the petition] The German parliament (Deutscher Bundestag) may enact, that scientific publications, which where funded buy the public, shall be accessible to all citizens without any fees. Institutions, which manage public research fund autonomously, shall be requested by the Bundestag to release appropriate directives and provide the technical means to publish results for free (as in beer and as in speech). Rationale The public sector finances research and development with 12 billion Euros every year (according to the ministry of education and research). However, the results of this research are mostly published in journals which are available only for a fee. It is not appropriate that the text payers have to pay again for research results they financed. Research results are only available in a few libraries, because of the high costs and the multiplicity of journals and other publications. The access of research results funded by the public is therefore hindered and even made impossible for normal citizens. To exclude citizens from the sciences is not only destructive, it is also unnecessary. Other countries already implemented similar rules. The US American agency National Institutes of Health (NIH) requires, that all publications funded by NIH have to be made available to the public at a centralized location in 12 month. The basic structure of the scientific publication system is by such actions not changed.

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