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Journal pravuil's Journal: Life is wonderful, isn't it. 4

It really is, you know. Sad most people don't really take the time to appreciate while they still have it. It slips through their fingers and in the end they're left all alone with no one to blame but themselves. It's sad but we all have to move on you know. I guess some people never learn. It's a shame. Oh well, have fun. I know I will.
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Life is wonderful, isn't it.

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  • Very much so. Even the painful parts. It's good to remember the past (or one has learned nothing), but not to live in it.

    • by pravuil ( 975319 )
      Unfortunately, experience goes only as far as the results we are left with. It's time to move forward. So much holding us back and yet the majority of the obstruction comes from own will or lack of it. It's good to know there are friends out there you can tell provide the honesty you are looking for.
  • Life is wonderful, isn't it.

    It's alright. Like everything else, there's good and there's bad.
    • by pravuil ( 975319 )
      Always, but the little successes mean just as much as the consequences we all face in life. It's a good reminder that we are human and we have to go forward whether we feel able or not.

In Nature there are neither rewards nor punishments, there are consequences. -- R.G. Ingersoll