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Comment Re:Peplink "Unbreakable VPN" (Score 1) 174

Peplink works like magic - failing over very gracefully. The same can be achieved on Linux through network interface bonding, or on pfSense through Link Aggregation. You would need an intermediate server on the internet that supports the same. VPS servers are cheap and suitable for this purpose.

However, all this will not help reduce latency - which is what the original question is about.

For that, we need the solution proposed else where on this thread:
1. Client duplicates packets over two mobile links to an intermediate, user-controlled server.
2. This server sorts things out and discards the losing packet, and forwards the winner on to the real gaming server.

Comment Re:They'll never find the island it landed on. (Score 1) 142

The is flight 370 - not 714... :-)

My best guesses are
a) The pilot flew the plane at a very low altitude to a deserted island, where there is no mobile signal. Why? We will find out...
b) The pilot dropped the plane intact into the sea (and hence no debris). Why? No one knows...

I think we will find out in the next few days...

Comment Who is right? (Score 1) 606

"The union says Amazon workers receive lower wages than others in retail and mail-order jobs"

"Amazon has defended its wage policies, saying that employees earn toward the upper end of the pay scale of logistics companies in Germany."

So who is right? Is Amazon avoiding paying overtime because they schedule worker shifts in an intelligent manner that does not require overtime (resulting in lower earnings per employee), or because they dont pay overtime even if people work overtime?

"The union says that by classifying its centers as "logistics" centers, Amazon can pay lower wages" - so what is the right definition - Can they be called "retail", or as "mail-order" jobs... can someone enlighten... based on facts...

There are so many nuances that just cannot be understood from a simple media article... Oh well... this is slashdot....

But what I'd rather have is that Amazon, and its workers and its worker councils and its unions sort the matter out in an amicable manner, than to inconvenience their paying customers, which can only result in something negative for all the parties involved.

Comment Re:And google will retain that info exclusively. (Score 5, Insightful) 195

The article does not state of all images would be cached automatically even if you have not read your mail. It only says that images would be served through a Google proxy server, which caches the images.

So if Google proxies and caches the images when you open the mail, there is no protection added from marketers, except for the fact that Google can scan the images for exploits.

And if Google proxies and caches the images as soon as the service receives the mail, marketers can verify if the address is a valid gmail address or not by just sending mails and waiting for Google to cache the image. Expect more spam if this is the case.

There will be true protection from email tracking only if Google caches the images in all emails it receives, even if the email address is invalid - and that would increase the load on Google servers quite a bit.

The Internet

Ship Anchor, Not Sabotaging Divers, Possibly Responsible For Outage 43

Nerval's Lobster writes "This week, Egypt caught three men in the process of severing an undersea fiber-optic cable. But Telecom Egypt executive manager Mohammed el-Nawawi told the private TV network CBC that the reason for the region's slowdowns was not the alleged saboteurs — it was damage previously caused by a ship. On March 22, cable provider Seacom reported a cut in its Mediterranean cable connecting Southern and Eastern Africa, the Middle East and Asia to Europe; it later suggested that the most likely cause of the incident was a ship anchor, and that traffic was being routed around the cut, through other providers. But repairs to the cable took longer than expected, with the Seacom CEO announcing March 23 that the physical capability to connect additional capacity to services in Europe was "neither adequate nor stable enough," and that it was competing with other providers. The repairs continued through March 27, after faults were found on the restoration system; that same day, Seacom denied that the outage could have been the work of the Egyptian divers, but said that the true cause won't be known for weeks. 'We think it is unlikely that the damage to our system was caused by sabotage,' the CEO wrote in a statement. 'The reasons for this are the specific location, distance from shore, much greater depth, the presence of a large anchored vessel on the fault site which appears to be the cause of the damage and other characteristics of the event.'"

Linux: Booting Via UEFI Can Brick Samsung Notebooks 232

wehe writes "Heise News reports today some Samsung notebooks can be turned into a brick if booted just one time via UEFI into Linux. Even the firmware does not boot anymore. Some reports in the Ubuntu bug tracker system report that such notebooks can not be recovered without replacing the main board. Other Linux distributions may be affected as well. Kernel developers are discussing a change in the Samsung-laptop driver." It appears even Samsung is having trouble tracking down the problem (from the article): "According to Canonical's Steve Langasek, Samsung developers have been attempting to develop a firmware update to prevent the problem for several weeks. Langasek is advising users to start Ubuntu installation on Samsung notebooks from an up-to-date daily image, in which the Ubuntu development team has taken precautions to prevent the problem from arising. It is, however, not completely clear that these measures are sufficient."

Comment Virtualization (Score 1) 190

Such emulators have been around for long where one can use apps of one platform on another (Wine anyone). Whats the news here...? I can understand why someone would want to play an Android game or use some such app that is not available for the PC using this. But why would one want to run a browser inside Android when a perfectly good browser could be used directly from Windows. The novelty of it would wear away soon I guess.

BTW, Bluestacks runs Android apps on both Windows and Mac machines. WindowsAndroid can claim to be better than Bluestacks when they get their platform running on Mac *and* Linux too! Or perhaps when it can run Android on a Windows phone at native speeds (well, that would be an awesome one if it could be done).

Comment Re: as the temperature of the Earth goes up...!? (Score 1) 356

When something is burnt, energy is only being converted - from chemical energy to heat energy. Even when someone talks about the (supposed) nuclear reaction inside earth's core, the mass lost really is converted into heat which is spread on to the mantle and perhaps the atmosphere, but definitely not radiated away. This increased energy would add to an equal amount of mass as lost by the (supposed) nuclear reaction if calculated using E=MC^2. The quantity (E+M*C^2) is conserved in a closed system.

The only real increase to this would be the energy from the sun, which would be approx 173 petawatt, of which 30% is reflected out (Albedo). Given that 25million kilowatt-hour is a gram, this would only contribute to an increase of just 4.8tons.

Submission + - Indian Govt to service Citizens electronically (iii.gov.in)

pradeepsekar writes: The first draft of Electronic Delivery of Services Bill-2011,has proposed that all Ministries and Govt. departments in India compulsorily deliver services to Citizens electronically,through the Internet and mobile phones.The Bill proposes completely phasing out manual distribution of services, as the Govt.aims to plug leaks in the system, minimize losses and ensure delivery to the intended beneficiaries. This would require each Ministry/Department to identify the basket of citizen centric services to be delivered through electronic means along with the delivery channels, with stipulated timeline and service level for each service. Each Ministry will assess its readiness and accordingly fix the timelines for mandatory electronic service delivery. However no department will exceed a cut off date fixed for the country. Benefits would include efficient, transparent and reliable delivery of web enabled public services in a definite and time bound manner to citizens, thereby transforming Governance. This will eliminate the need for a citizen to go to Government offices to seek services.

Submission + - Indian regulator on IT & Information Security (rbi.org.in)

pradeepsekar writes: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has placed on its website the report of the Working Group on information security, electronic banking, technology risk management, and cyber frauds.

The objective of the Working Group was to provide a set of guidelines to banks covering the entire gamut of electronic banking. This would serve as a common minimum standard for all banks to adopt as well as lay down the best practices for banks to adopt in a phased manner for a safer and sounder banking environment. The Group felt that there was a need for banks to follow a consistent approach in each focus area, to minimize differing interpretations.

The report covers various areas such as IT Governance, information security (including electronic banking channels like internet banking, ATMs, cards), IT operations, IT services outsourcing, Information System Audit, Cyber frauds, business continuity planning, customer education and legal issues.

The Group recognised that the recommendations are not “one-size-fits-all” and the implementation of these recommendations need to be based on the nature and scope of activities engaged by banks and the technology environment prevalent in the bank and the support rendered by technology to the business processes.

The Reserve Bank will begin implementing the recommendations of the Working Group shortly.

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