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Comment Re:Open Source? (Score 1) 110

I wonder whether making the source code of these probes available to the public, for vetting would help spot bugs like these? I am also curious whether releasing the code would be problematic for any reason?

Dunno. But I suppose it might be that the code is written by a contractor and they hope to make money out of the code in other contexts.

Comment Re:11,500 lines of code (Score 1) 243

For the purposes of copyright it surely doesn't matter whether it's "executable code" or not - the question is whether copyright subsists in it and whether it was copied.

I haven't followed this case closely, but as I understand it the ruling is that the copyright subsists in the relevant code and it was copied, but that copying is not a copyright infringement because it falls under the "fair use" exemption.

Comment Re:If (Score 1) 232

Well - if they allow "old" common passwords back in after a while then you're right, but if you retain the list of previously common passwords and continue to disallow those (which is probably more sensible) then you don't get that situation.

Comment Re:If (Score 2) 232

If you ban common passwords. Then you end up with a new set of common passwords. Going to ban those too?

It doesn't follow. Common passwords are based on words in common use or things like calendar dates. If you disallow those, then it's reasonable to expect that the passwords will have a lot more variety.

Comment Re:Good and bad... (Score 4, Informative) 256

In the UK (at least) it's usual to have your university place lined up already, so it's unlikely that you won't go.

It's quite common for kids to spend a few months working first to get the money to spend on a few months travelling. Of course they'll usually be living rent free with parents whilst working so their life is subsided - but that's just a continuation of the arrangement whilst they were in school.

It's become very common here now although when I started university (33 years ago) it's wasn't a thing. For some kids it's a really good idea, for others ... not so much.

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