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Comment A dramatic security audit... (Score 1) 379

Which shows that upper management's personal data is exposed. Like credit card accounts,
their personal calendar, the bills they pay etc. This is a tactic a white hat buddy of mine uses
and it works like a charm. Security is "blah blah blah" until some executive's credit card
number is threatened to be exposed on the open internet.

Other than that, you have to consider it from their perspective, it still does it's job. You
could push it over the edge by proposing new functionality that will intentionally break
it, thus moving them to fire fighting mode. Other than that, it's really a social problem
and requires a social solution, not a technical one.

Comment Wealth is truth serum for your moral compass (Score 1) 1040

What's the quote? "Idle hands are the Devil's work at play". Once the whole making a living thing
is out of the way you're really left with your character. If it was lacking to begin with then the problem
is just exasperated, the contrary is also true. Really, all that's left is your moral compass and what
motivates you as a person. No one is immune from this. The saying that money changes people
is only addressing the symptom, money allows people to express themselves as they truly are.

Comment Re:It was a RIGHT that US citizens have lost (Score 3, Insightful) 575

You clearly have never fired a gun or have any idea of what the self-defense laws look like in the U.S. Even with Castle Doctrine laws, you are only authorized to use force if you are in imminent target of lethal or non-lethal force. Shooting people in the back as they take off with someone else's property is completely unjustified, as you not in danger. Before you continue dramatically dreaming up events to justify your philosophy, think about the hard working, law abiding citizen, who is just about to lose everything he ever will be (his life) from not complying with the muggers demands vs bankrupting his future defending his life in court.

Stuff like this should never happen, had that lawyer not stepped in to defend this man for free he would be bankrupt, and perhaps worse, plead out to a lesser crime. All because he refused to turn his back on a man with a knife.

You don't appear to be aware that the SCOTUS ruling where the police are in fact not responsible for your
personal safety.

In the end, who was really responsible for the lives of those 3 children? Now dead. The mother who wasn't keeping an eye
on them, or the police who failed to enforce the restraining order on the estranged husband in a timely matter?

Comment As a NH resident who hikes Monadnock frequently (Score 1) 166

I would get annoyed if people regularly used the summit area to goof
off with video cameras or any other tech for that matter. Even talking on
a cell phone up there will net you many dirty looks. Mt. Monadnock is
one of the most frequently scaled mountains in the world, it can get
crowded up there. Were folks to make putting on little shows like this
on a regular basis it would get old real fast and spoil the natural beauty
of the area.

The licensing proposed wasn't punitive to the point where the average
person couldn't meet the burden. When I'm out there, it's to enjoy nature,
and not be the subject of every film student or bored hippee trying to score hits
on youtube or drum up publicity for their business.

The licensing is meant to curb the frequency of these events and
keep the state park focused on it's primary goals. It is *not* a
general use area, you can't even camp or start a fire on the


Comment roundabouts are the "goto" of civil engineering (Score 1) 1173

Instead of...
1) an adaptive traffic phasing (that's the term for light changes) system
2) creating a tunnel for the dominant traffic route under the rotary
3) changing the traffic in that area entirely

A roundabout is used instead. It costs very little to maintain, and there's
no lights to change. Its sad though, once these choke points
pop up drivers resort to driving in the surrounding, heavily settled
back roads, as fast as they can get away with. Which just creates
more safety problems.

After visiting Europe often, it struck me that when the new world was
formed that none of the city planners got on the first boats :(. America
needs better city planning, and then things like better public transportation
and less cars will follow.

Or we can look forward to more crap like this:

Comment Will never pay $25-35 for a bluray movie (Score 1) 1162

Sony thought they could raise the bar for disposable income and failed. I've got a plasma
set, a game console or two, and an upsampling DVD player and don't feel like I'm
missing a thing. If I was, I sure as heck don't love any move enough to spend 25-35
bucks to bring it home. The value just isn't there. Coupled with the trend of recycled
ideas from Hollywood and the increasing penetration of reality tv, the set of stuff
I'm willing to own on disc keeps getting smaller.

If they stop the pricing nonsense and make them as cheap as DVDs then they
could see some real market penetration.

Comment Re:This is the problem with Hate Speech Laws (Score 1) 1695

Comment Re:could you be any more dramatic? (Score 1) 521

It's supposed to be the successor to the "crunchpad", which was
Linux based.

I don't know how hackable it'll be, it reminds me of HP's mini mii
which is supposed to be locked down version of Ubuntu.

When it comes to technology I like to take the long view:
"yesterday's technology tomorrow"

Not as exciting, but less expensive for sure.

Comment Re:could you be any more dramatic? (Score 1) 521

Yeah, but you're presupposing that Apple is a fair platform
to begin with. I used to an Apple user for over 5 years but
I refused to stay with them after they enacted the "powermac tax"
where I had to spend an extra $1000 just to have a PCI slot. I've
been an exclusive Linux user for the better part of a decade now.

You're right about the App store lock in, but it's not against
the law to make profits. Overall, I don't "get" the iPad and the
value proposition it's selling, it ought to cost half as much with
the restrictions that come along with it. It reminds me more of
a kindle than anything else. Vote with your dollars and try
to promote the JooJoo instead which seems to fully support Flash
and Java.

Also, the App store as it currently stands doesn't make up a
huge portion of Apple's current revenue but with the
introduction of this, the continued success of the iphone, and
the likely Kindle like integration for "songs on demand" for
the next gen iPod and support for the app store; the app store's
share of revenue will continue to grow with no limit in sight.

Comment could you be any more dramatic? (Score 1) 521

Thank you for spelling out the conclusions Apple likely made (internally) leading up to the decision not to support flash on
it's initial release and brain storming some possible solutions. I don't see why the problem you've defined is anything more
than just another engineering challenge. The web is a pretty elastic place, I'm sure it'll evolve as touch screen interfaces
become more mainstream. I encourage you to view this as an opportunity to make a ton of money instead of a crisis.

Comment more useful for recopying notes to digital form (Score 2, Interesting) 569

I'm a big fan re-writing notes, it forces you to re-examine the stuff that didn't totally sink in
during lecture. Rewriting them in digital form makes it that much more portable, cleaner, and
you can bring your friends up to speed faster. Engineering notebooks (wire bound) plus a good
mechanical pencil was what I settled while I was an engineering student. Couple re-writing
the notes in digital form with a audio recording of the lecture and you're golden. Alternatively,
you can scan your notes in and then annotate them.

Tablet computers were always good for homework.

Comment If you have a problem with "drive by wire" (Score 1) 913

Then you should never step foot on a commercial air liner again. The article is over generalizing
and essentially amounts to fear mongering. I've personally experienced having a throttle cable
snap, thank God it failed closed, I've heard stories that went the other way... Control system failures
happen, the least we can expect from the manufacturers is that they fail safe. "drive by wire" is in essence
a good thing. So say the next time the pedal fails, the system could determine a fault occurred
and cut the throttle; it might even turn your hazards on in the future to alert the drivers around you.

Comment Work first, then get an MBA (Score 1) 834

You'll find that once you start working that there's nothing you
can't pick up by reading a few books. Unless you want to be an engineer
forever (it's a burn out industry), I'd suggest that you start working
on your MBA after say 4-5 years in the field. By the time you're finished
you'll easily have the chops to be a project manager (at the very least a team lead) and then something more.

That is unless you have some idea you're passionate about that you want to pursue a thesis with, in which case you should pursue a PhD and not a Masters.

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