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Submission + - Thiomersol-autism link should be revisited 1

ppanon writes: Studies denying a link between Thiomersol (aka Thimerosol) and autism need a complete re-evaluation from the base data even more than the climate data did after "Climategate". A FOIA request by CoMeD has unearthed documents that indicate CDC researchers cherry picked data for a frequently quoted Pediatrics article to indicate that there was no drop in autism in Denmark when Thiomersol was replaced in vaccines, when the full data instead likely indicated the opposite. The same research group was reportedly involved in three frequently quoted studies claiming no link between Thiomersol and autism. There are now some candidate causal paths for links between Thiomersal and autism.

In addition the lead researcher on that Pediatrics paper, Poul Thorsen, was indicted earlier this year for wire fraud and money laundering, having allegedly falsified over $1M in expense reports to the CDC.

Submission + - Blackhat talk on WinCE & ATM vuln. cancelled

ppanon writes: According to a Tech Review article: Barnaby Jack, a security researcher at ... Juniper, had planned to hack into an automatic teller machine (ATM) live onstage at the Black Hat Security Conference in Las Vegas later this month. But his presentation, designed to demonstrate the insecurity of various ATMs, attracted the attention of the financial industry as well as security professionals, and under pressure from ATM manufacturers, Juniper canceled the presentation last week, citing concerns that the vulnerabilities involved had still not been fixed.

While the presentation was canceled to allow manufacturers more time to fix the vulnerabilities, Juniper had originally notified the company almost eight months ago, says the source, who asked not to be named.

Submission + - Columbine-10 years later

ppanon writes: Ten years ago, two students shot and either killed or wounded dozens of other students and teachers at Columbine High School in Colorado. There was a great deal of soul searching and argumentation in the media over the effects of bullying and how the killings were reprisals for misfits. Many students who fit the goth or misfit "profile" at other schools were singled out and discriminated against or suspended as potential risks to the student body. Commentators like Slashdot's John Katz wrote lengthy diatribes on bullying at Columbine and in other environments.

However, in the last ten years, more research has indicated that most of the assumptions those actions and discussions were based on were incorrect. They didn't make it far into a poorly self-critical media though. Some people are hoping the 10th anniversary is an opportunity to set the record straight. Eric Harris was a psychopath and Dylan Klebold was suffering from depression. They weren't members of the Trenchcoat Mafia or social outcasts, and they didn't target any groups in particular.

Submission + - Carbon sink research satellites launching

ppanon writes: McClatchy reports on the launch of the Japanese Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite and NASA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory, These two satellites will hopefully help clarify how twice as much CO2 greenhouse gas appears to get scrubbed from the atmosphere than would be expected based on current understanding of natural carbon sinks. That would help improve the long term reliability of climate models and could provide insight into how to minimize or decrease the impact of CO2 -related climate change.

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