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Re:That makes me take him MORE seriously  *Sunday March 22, 2015 @10:09AM  5, Interesting
   attached to Greenpeace Co-Founder Declares Himself a Climate Change Skeptic
Re:"Fan favorites"?  *Saturday August 23, 2014 @12:46AM 2 2
   attached to "MythBusters" Drops Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci
Re:In that case  *Wednesday June 11, 2014 @09:44AM  2
   attached to Cisco Opposes Net Neutrality
welcome to the war zone  *Tuesday June 10, 2014 @08:52AM  4, Insightful
   attached to America 'Has Become a War Zone'
malus aer  *Monday May 19, 2014 @05:31PM  2
   attached to Mysterious Disease May Be Carried by the Wind
Re:Comma, Comma, Comma  *Thursday May 08, 2014 @11:41AM 1 2
   attached to First Arrest In Japan For 3D-Printed Guns
Oh thank goodness...  *Wednesday April 16, 2014 @01:44PM  2
   attached to Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment
Augustus would be proud  *Tuesday January 28, 2014 @03:58PM  3
   attached to Congressmen Say Clapper Lied To Congress, Ask Obama To Remove Him
Re:I deciphered it last month.  *Wednesday January 22, 2014 @10:23AM  2
   attached to Voynich Manuscript May Have Originated In the New World
Just theft?  *Wednesday January 01, 2014 @10:15PM  2
   attached to US Customs Destroys Virtuoso's Flutes Because They Were "Agricultural Items"
Re: whatcouldpossiblygowrong?  *Saturday October 19, 2013 @02:21PM  2
   attached to Reprogrammed Bacterium Speaks New Language of Life
Re:Mech engineering has failed.   *Saturday April 13, 2013 @04:08PM  2
   attached to What's Next For Smartphone Innovation
Re:Fixed  *Tuesday February 26, 2013 @08:26AM 1 2
   attached to The U.S. minimum wage should be
Who likes Gnome3 as-is?  *Thursday November 22, 2012 @10:20AM  1
   attached to GNOME 3 To Support a "Classic" Mode, of Sorts
Racism is...  *Wednesday November 21, 2012 @09:47AM  2
   attached to Ask Slashdot: How Should Tech Conferences Embrace Diversity?
Aesthetic  *Thursday November 08, 2012 @12:17PM 1 2
   attached to Microsoft's Hidden Windows 8 Feature: Ads
Re:Congratulations, Baldrick  *Tuesday October 23, 2012 @04:34PM  2
   attached to Increasing Wireless Network Speed By 1000% By Replacing Packets With Algebra
reductio ad deum  *Thursday October 18, 2012 @12:11PM 1 5, Interesting
   attached to Ask Richard Dawkins About Evolution, Religion, and Science Education
I have never seen...  *Tuesday October 02, 2012 @10:51AM 1 2
   attached to To Encourage Biking, Lose the Helmets
Re:Silly  *Wednesday September 19, 2012 @11:38PM 3 5, Interesting
   attached to Is the Can Worse Than the Soda?
Re:Make it so.  *Tuesday September 18, 2012 @09:13AM  2
   attached to Warp Drive Might Be Less Impossible Than Previously Thought
Recognition is not Comprehension  *Thursday September 13, 2012 @07:53AM 2 2
   attached to Star Trek Tech That Exists Today
Re:Weather does affect it  *Thursday August 30, 2012 @06:50AM  2
   attached to Survey Reveals a Majority Believe "the Cloud" Is Affected by Weather
Re:I thought reading was about developing imaginat  *Sunday May 09, 2010 @08:57AM  2
   attached to Do Children's E-Books Ruin Reading?

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