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Comment Lying, thieving GOP/Trump/AT&T (Score 3, Insightful) 57

Welcome to the new grifter economy. Think about it: within just the last week ATT has scored permission to sell ANY of your data to ANYONE willing to put up the $$. They have leanred that they no longer have to provide Lifeline service (reduced rates) to millions of poor people. And, finally, they get $6.5Billion to build a 911 network that should only cost about $500M, and even then will be unreliable in a true, national emergency. We can thank the GOP-appointed justices, the corrupt GOP Congress and our grifter POTUS for helping ATT, one of the worst telcos in the world.

Comment Re:Yeah - Oh, PLEASE! (Score 1, Insightful) 398

The current economic improvements are not a black and white difference between Obama and Trump. Trump has done NOTHING policy-wise yet; he is resting on the policy foundations of the past 8 years of the Obama administration. Nevertheless, his mostly ignorant-of-economics, self-confirmation-biased "true believers" will happily consume the hash of lies and distortions they are fed. Are their incomes going up? Is life easier? All they have to do is make a trip to the mailbox to find out that *nothing* has changed. What's going to surprise most of them is how once Clown Trump and his circus get going, how they are going to be left behind.

We have a *structural* disruption in worldwide benefits to labor; that structural disruption is ACCELERATING. Clown Trump and his base are going to find that out soon enough, as labor becomes ever more the commodity and automation continues to hallow out jobs. Wake up!

Comment Re: Sad to see Trump... (Score 2) 381

Exactly! And, given that Foxcon is committed to nearly 100% automation and relatively low skill in their factories, these jobs will *not* pay that well. They may *appear* to pay well in Western PA, where jobs are wanting, but then China will have leverage against Trump if he tries to screw around with tariffs - China can just say, "we're leaving" and then what. Who is going to "give" - Trump, or China? China is playing Trump like the chimp that he is.

Look, China is planning to lay off MILLIONS of workers in China, to automate. They may put this factory into PA and wait for Trump to be replaced, then they will go FULL automation and WIN! To the Chinese, Trump is below "bush league" (pun, intended).

Comment Anything you say, Comrade (Score 1) 574

What you fail to note is how SUCCESSFUL gaslighting over the course of the last few years from Putins hacks AND the lying media like Brietbart have been. Either you are part of the effort (because it serves your ends), or you are willfully ignorant of it (because it serves your ends).

Read some history about Russian propaganda; Putin is GOOD at this; it's a high-level art in Russia. Don't believe me, Comrade? Here, let this guy deconstruct it for you!

Comment Requires remuneration and public service (Score 1) 212

People like this should be made to pay back every penny of damage, and then put into a MANDATORY public service program for 2 years where they spend WEEKENDS (no weekends off!) teaching kids in poor neighborhoods how to code, or some other socially redeemable task. For every weekend he misses, he has to make up two more - and there is no financial remuneration. If he does it again, jail!

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