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Submission + - Federal court system warns of new e-mail jury scam (

coondoggie writes: The US Federal Court System is warning people of yet another scam targeting potential jurors.

This time around the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts says citizens are getting e-mails claiming they have been selected for jury service and demanding that they return a form with such information as Social Security and driver’s license numbers, date of birth, cell phone number, and mother’s maiden name. According to the court office, the e-mail scam has been reported in in at least 14 federal court districts.

Submission + - PC Gamers Increasingly Under Attack

An anonymous reader writes: Many gamers either disable their security or remove it altogether, thereby sacrificing protection to maximize system performance and leaving themselves vulnerable to gaming-focused malware and cyber-attacks, according to a new study by Webroot. The new report is based on survey responses gathered from more than 1,200 gamers during the E3 2014 Conference. It concluded that while a third of gamers do not use a security program – citing gameplay, slowdown and too many alerts and interruptions as key factors – 47 percent have experienced a malware attack.

Comment (Score 1) 987

I bought your book for $0.50 on, The shipping cost 100x more than your book, I think it is pirated though... we will see in about 2 weeks when I get it... By posting this article you got a buyer, just the profits don't go to you.

I think the real reason for lack of sales is someone can go into the bookstore and read your books there.

Oh and those pesky things called Libraries.

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