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Comment Re:A Perfect Illustrationk (Score 1) 295

I tried to get my mother (in her 80s but, for all that, pretty tech-friendly) Netflix for her birthday, which with her 8-year-old not-Smart flatscreen would have meant a Roku box. After I explained it (for the 5th time in my life, I think), she finally announced "I don't want that stuff on my TV. It's too much." Calling it "just a computer" would not have helped. In this case, I think if it didn't require a change of HDMI input when using it she might have gone for it.

Also, even with the Chromecast, you have to control it from your mobile device or computer, and now for some people that's an entire different category of complexity from using a cable remote.

Comment Re:900,000,000 != 0 (Score 2) 215

That's the valuation of the company. If the editors had made it easier to get the the ACTUAL news report, you could see the explanation, which is that because of the way the investors are paid off before she is, her stake is what's now presumed to be worthless.


Comment Editing is fundamental (Score 4, Insightful) 147

Which leads to a simple question: But for the Games, would anyone recommend sending an extra half a million visitors into Brazil right now? Of course not: mass migration into the heart of an outbreak is a public health no-brainer. And given the choice between accelerating a dangerous new disease or not—for it is impossible that Games will slow Zika down—the answer should be a no-brainer for the Olympic organizers too. Putting sentimentality aside, clearly the Rio 2016 Games must not proceed.

Phrasing, dude.

Comment Re:That's a funny new definition of "entitlement" (Score 1) 438

If you're going to invoke "back of the bus", you should know that beyond the initial Rosa Parks incident, the tactic that turned out to be effective was not insisting on sitting in the front -- which wouldn't have worked -- but rather a boycott of the segregated busses.

Comment Re:a good feature is pointy-hair boss territory no (Score 1) 212

The guy seems to be talking about some other crazy thing, where he says:

Asking the devices which connect to this vast complex network of networks to detect, and then transparently fix problems in the infrastructure without the permission of the administrators is, well, it’s absolutely the pinnacle of buzzword driven product management. Real pointy-haired boss territory.

-- "fix problems in the infrastructure?" What? This is working around problems. The phone isn't being asked to reconfigure everyone else's WiFi, which is what he seems to describe -- nor could it. So, again...what?

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