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Submission + - Poll - Where do you live? (

popoutman writes: 1. By oneself.
2. At home with parents/guardians etc.
3. At home but in seperate unit.
4. Cohabiting with non-family.
5. Sharing with significant other.
6. No fixed abode.
7. CowboyNeal ate my house.


Submission + - Epsilon Auriga's eclipse has begun - on schedule (

popoutman writes: Amateur astronomers with backyard telescopes and spectrographs have detected the beginning of the 27-yearly mysterious eclipse of Epsilon Auriga. It's mysterious as we currently don't know what the eclipsing objects is, other than it's dark, dusty and about a light-year in size. This event is neatly described on Sky and Telescope's news pages at and the originating data is visible from the Google Cache

Submission + - Judge overturns Microsoft $1.5billion verdict (

popoutman writes: "A US judge last night overturned a jury verdict ordering Microsoft to pay Alcatel-Lucent $1.5 billion for infringing on the French firm's patents. US Senior District Court Judge Rudi Brewster, who is handling a legal appeal of the jury trial's outcome, issued a written ruling in favour of Microsoft and against Lucent, according to court documents."

"In his ruling, Brewster concluded that the US software giant did not infringe on one of the patents and that Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft would need to join Alcatel-Lucent's infringement suit for it to be valid in court."

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