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Comment Re:Connectng (Score 1) 75

Your front door can be broken into. Yet you still lock it, because doors are useful and the pragmatic likelihood that somebody will break down your door is a lot lower than somebody walking into it unlocked. The real question I have to wonder if what do hackers have to gain from hacking a car? If the barrier to entry is high enough, there are plenty of easier ways of causing people harm, stealing the car, or whatever other police-procedural fantasy crime you can think of.

Comment Re:bad? (Score 1) 75

If you ask the "right" people, apparently the barn has been "fully engulfed and about to collapse" for thousands of years now. Shit happens, we fix the shit, and try to get it as right going forward as is reasonably possible. The way people talk, it's like some kind of massive collective failure that will bring about the end of days *any day now* that humans are not perfect.

Comment Re:they also found... (Score 1) 314

Blacks are far more likely to be criminals because they are discriminated against even before they get into the judicial system. If a teacher decides she doesn't like black kids, and puts them in detention more, would you say it is correct to state, "Black kids are far more likely to misbehave?" While you may think you've just stated a fact, unless you place it within the context of the unequal treatment to begin with, you're simply perpetuating a stereotype that is untrue (blacks are far more likely to be bad people than whites.)

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