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Comment Re:Go figure. (Score 1) 250

The sum chance, not the per-time chance, yes. The same is true of all stochastic processes.

It's like saying "the sum of flipping a coin every second and having at least 100 total tails results increases over time."

It's because more trials are constantly being held.

There's also a chance that life will emerge on Earth a second time.

Comment Re:Why lock the car? (Score 0, Flamebait) 215

If it's good enough to start the car it's good enough to unlock the damned thing.

I'm glad your two seconds of thinking found such an obvious point, instead of making the rational realization that the recommendation to lock the car is because it's not actually operated by the fob ya dumbass.

Comment Re:Because I WANT to share the same password with (Score 1) 91

Clearly, this is a slippery slope to mandating that you use the same password for everything. /sarcasm

Obviously, it isn't .. for a bunch of low-importance websites, since normal people have dozens of logins at this point, you can at least share login details among similarly-ranked importance levels. And as somebody else pointed out, at least now when you regain control of a single login, you simultaneously regain control of all associated accounts rather than trusting that you're organized and have the time to go through and change them all.

So no, it is not JUST as stupid, and your entire point is predicated on the absurd notion that everyone is too dumb not to use the same login for their offshore tax haven accounts and their Reddit account except you.

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