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Comment Re:Travel phone (Score 1) 425

Get rid of Facebook. You do not need to see what your friends ate for breakfast. It is better to use a false name if you do need to use Facebook but do not use an obviously false name like Kingof Theworld as they will kick you. If you use John Gris your friends will get used to it. It is extremely dangerous, not just at the US border, to use your real name on Facebook. Many other countries will literally arrest you for things you do not even think of as wrong. A guy was arrested in Thailand for posting a BBC article about the junta on his Facebook page. He did not even comment, just linked to the BBC and got 5 years in prison. I am in south east Asia and I have stopped using Facebook altogether. I feel liberated.

Comment Buy a Nokia and a spare cheap laptop. (Score 1) 425

The Nokia 515 is just as good at making calls but that is all it does. Nokia are about the rerelease the 3310. You do not need to have any data on it but you do want to be able to call people and be called by people so you get a phone number. The cheap laptop can be wiped and you can store all your important data remotely so that you can access it after you arrive. Sit in a decent cafe and download all the date you need via your VPN while relaxing over a latte or in your hotel.

Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 2) 425

Wow, who stole your teddy bear? Most objective people have genuine reasons to criticise the US but that does not in any way imply a hatred of all things American (we are only talking about the US anyway). He did say that he preferred Canada so he obviously likes America. The US is a beautiful country with arguably the worst government on earth. All countries are full of normal people but run by insane governments and the US is the worst case of that. Visit Iran, lovely country with beautiful places to visit and the most friendly people you could hope to meet but run by a crazy government. I would not return to the US. That does not mean that I hate Harleys or want to stop seeing my son, just that I am not prepared to put up with the BS involved in actually entering that insane theatre. Last time I entered the US my friends practically dragged me out of the customs area because I objected to the totally racist attitude of the customs officers.

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1) 902

No, anti-Zionist is a political opinion whereas anti-Jewish is religious bigotry. Many Jews are democratically minded and agree with the basic human right that religion and state should be separate. There is nothing that makes Jews ignorant to the views of others whereas Zionism is blind. There is no justification for any state to be based on religion as that, by definition, means that it cannot be democratic or free.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 2) 356

In what alternate reality does one think that the internet wouldn't have been developed without one person? Or that computers and thus networking of those computers, and thus communication via those computers isn't just an inevitable part of the path of science and technology? We are all dumber for having read your post.

Comment Re:Am I the only one? (Score 1) 139

To gain an idea of the truth, it lies between the lies that the two sides tell. You need to read the lies of both sides and think about what lies in between. RT is no worse than CNN it is just the other pole. Al Jazeera used to be good at providing the opinions of both sides until the US government started firing cruise missiles at them and throwing their reporters in Guantanamo. Now even they only tell the US lies. Russia Today is also worth following as is Press TV (Iranian). The problem I have is that I have travelled, lived in many other countries. When they talk about places like Iran I think of my Iranian friends and know that the media lies. The world is full of wonderful people and really corrupt governments. The media encourages us to think of our people and their governments. If you reverse that you end up feeling awful.

Comment Overreliance (Score 2) 110

The problem is not using such technology but relying on such technology. Too often it is believed above common sense. We have DNA databases that have now outgrown the probability of a match so if you enter data you get more than one match. If facial recognition says that a person is a suspect that does not mean that the person is a suspect and does not mean that there is a reason to arrest or detain said person. It does justify watching said person but not harming them in any way including harming them by detaining them.

Comment Re: I predict (Score 3, Interesting) 557

This discussion is like talking about socialism or religion. Logic has no place in the discussion. Yes, those that have done it know that Linux is far more stable and reliable for the average user but those that shout the loudest will convince people that they cannot live without Windows. Why? Just like you ask the average person about socialism and they will shout about Stalin and not let you discuss Scandinavia or Germany or explain that the best economies in the world are socialist. Try and talk about Muslims and people will focus on the 0.05% that are a problem and ignore the fact that that does not represent the truth. I have set up Linux workstations for people that need reliability and they work for years without attention. That is the main thing that most people want. When I was not around, one client was talked into returning to Windows but after 6 months ended up switching to Apple because having got used to Linux, Windows is terrible. I cannot stay around to support people but I have not had anyone who spends long enough to actually get used to Linux choose to return to Windows.

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