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Submission + - Ditto, trying to fight two patent trolls, one of them extremely large. (indiegogo.com)

poet writes: This company has a great technology where they take a picture of your face from a web cam and then you can try on (and buy) different kinds of prescription glasses online. The technology allows you to see what the glasses look like on your face before you purchase them. However, because of this technology the big bad are now trying to crush them.

Submission + - A new way to fund Open Source (fossexperts.com)

poet writes: My company has launched a new funk, FOSSExperts. The site is essentially a way for FOSS developers to try and get funding for their respective Open Source work. The idea is that getting one company to fund 20k is difficult, getting 20 companies to fund 1k is much easier. There are others out there such as Kickstarter but they are focussed on a different kind of creative. This site is designed specifically and only for FOSS work. It is currently in closed (or selective) Beta and we are seeking comments and feedback from the community at large. Please let us know what you think!

Submission + - PostgreSQL 7.4, 8.0 and 8.1 EOL

poet writes: Three major versions of PostgreSQL are end of life, this year. 7.4 and 8.0 are End of Life at this end of this month and 8.1 is EOL in November. This is not an item to take lightly. Once a version is end of life you will not be able to get support (easily), there will be no more security updates and no bug fixes even if they are data loss bugs. It is amazing how many people are still running these very old versions, in production. Now is the time to upgrade to either 8.3 or 8.4. PostgreSQL can be downloaded from PostgreSQL.org under the downloads section of the website.

Submission + - PostgreSQL Conference East (postgresqlconference.org)

poet writes: The PostgreSQL Conference Series is a United States based open source conference for everyone's most advanced open source database, PostgreSQL. This year, the conference has doubled in size from previous years with 45 speakers and over 50 sessions. The conference is running from 03/25 to 03/28. Any who are interested in databases should attend. Yes, this is kind of an advertisement post. However, the PostgreSQL Conference series is a model for how Open Source conferences can be run in conjunction with the community. The FAQ explains a model that allows for donations to the United States PostgreSQL Association, the 501c3 for PostgreSQL in the United States. The conference series also generates more learning material in the form of videos and slides than any other open source conference (that I know of). If you are interested in PostgreSQL or anything around PostgreSQL, this is the conference for you!

Submission + - Best (Linux compatible) hardware for transcoding? (commandprompt.com)

poet writes: "I organize a PostgreSQL conference. One of the things we do at this conference is record all the talks. Our first conference in October we recorded only audio. The current conference which actually starts this week, we are recording video. I have managed to get Kino to work with Gnome and it is producing reasonable results. However it is very, very slow. I know this is hardware related, however I know databases, not video. What makes Video transcoding go faster? Do I purchase lots of Video card, lots of Cores? Is it a combination? My laptop is a dual core and it transcoded a 45 minute talk from tape to SVCD in 6 hours. There has to be faster ways. So what better place to ask than Geek central?"

Submission + - PostgreSQL Conference West (pgcon.us)

poet writes: "The second annual PostgreSQL Conference: West is being held on October 10th through October 12th 2008 in the The Native American Student & Community Center at Portland State University. The sister conference to EAST, WEST is the premiere West coast conference for PostgreSQL enthusiasts. Join us for 3 days of talks, tutorials, food and fun while PostgreSQL users from all walks of life exchange ideas. "

Submission + - PostgreSQL 8.3 Beta1 Released! (postgresql.org)

poet writes: "The PostgreSQL Global Development Group today released the long-awaited first beta of version 8.3. Thanks to an unprecedented number of new patches, this version introduces more new and improved features than any previous release. Of course, more new features means that 8.3 needs more user testing than any previous version, so we're counting on you to download it and test it with development versions of your applications.

Among the features in the new version are, greatly improved performance consistency, through HOT, Load Distributed Checkpoint, JIT bgwriter, Asynchronous Commit, integrated TSearch2 full text search, SQL:XML syntax, logging to database-loadable CSV files, automated rebuilding of cached plans, ENUMs, UUIDs, arrays of complex types , GSSAPI and SSPI authentication support. Read more about this exciting new release from the folks over at PostgreSQL.Org."

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