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Comment Re:Don't Bother with ZFS (Score 5, Informative) 150

If you are building a server, then file system absolutely matters.

Ext4 is fine but limited and not nearly as mature or stable as XFS. When building a server that *matters*.

ZFS blows the doors off of anything the Open Source community has *ever* built (in terms of file systems). It has features that Linux users have been desperate for. For example, file system snapshots and rollbacks. Yes, you can do it with LVM2. Guess what? LVM2 sucks at it (in comparison to ZFS).

Submission + - PgConf.US Partners with Techie Youth for annual charity auction (

poet writes: OpenSource is all about freedom, transparency, diversity, and technology. That is why PgConf.US has partnered with TechieYouth for its annual charity auction, to bring together all of these things in one venue, one conference, and a community that loves to help!

Comment Re:USA entering a brave new age of stupidity (Score 0) 395

This is a ridiculous comment:

* Everyone who is able bodied, should work. They just may not get to work at what they want.

* We do not have tremendous poverty by any stretch of reality (India, China, Brazil, those are countries with tremendous poverty)

* The "big automatic pickup" is a red herring. We have so many worse polluting items we need to deal with first. Have you ever looked at emissions for any truck built after 1995?

* The "pea shooter" is about a right. We have that right and giving up those rights is what we are talking about right now on this thread.

* Lots of people complain about pissing away trillions of dollars, on all sides of the political spectrum

The only thing I can conclude from your comment is you are a troll, highly uneducated, a Millennial, or any combination of the three.

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