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Comment Re:Lead free solder to blame??? (Score 0) 200

I'd mod you up if I could. It's a classic case of ready, fire, aim.

The dominant lead-free used to day is SAC - which leaches copper into the ground, and has its own environmental problems.

The bottom line is we can't fix the environmental problems of e-waste by changing the type of solder. Lead is a bit player in the toxicity of e-waste. As long as countries are allowed to ship e-waste to third world countries, you're poisoning people.

These third world countries do not have the tools to safely recycle e-waste. Making one small part of the process less toxic is a drop in the bucket compared to the overall toxin exposure.

Banning leaded solder and patting themselves on the back for "solving a global problem" shows the extent of the hubris involved.

If the EU actually cared, they'd have mandated that their e-waste couldn't be exported to countries incapable of processing them safely. The EU does have the tools and funding to recycle e-waste safely.

Comment Re:KDE-Look a ghost town (Score 1) 508

Agreed. The default themes for KDE are so good most users (myself included) feel any need to modify them.

The designers who slaved over KDE's default themes are top-notch professionals with world-class skill.

I sure as hell don't have the design chops to improve upon it.

And by the look of what I see on, neither does anybody else.

To use a car analogy: user-contributed themes are now about as polished as the teenager who bolts a plywood wing and plywood fender extensions to his subcompact car.

Sure, it looks different than stock, but he's going to have a hard time convincing anybody he didn't ruin his car

Comment Re: "Ghandi" quote updated (Score 0, Troll) 408

Does it matter? It's not reverseable anyway. Just live further north and away from the shoreline, problem solved.

Hey, in a few thousand years the current interglacial will probably come to an end, and our descendants will be glad we heated the place up in advance.

Not going to be much fun until then, though.

Comment Re:So let me get this straight (Score 1) 188

This is what, the 10th season of this show?

Every year AMD boasts next year's chips are going to beat out Intel.

Every year AMD fanbois get frothy at the mouth because Intel will finally get what they have coming.

And every year, two things happen:

- AMD overestimated the speed of next year's chip by a wide margin
- AMD underestimated Intel's performance by a wide margin

I'm rooting for AMD, but they talk a much bigger game than they play.

Comment Re:So let me get this straight (Score 0) 188

If the paltry performance increases from skylake continue on their -E platform then AMD won't have anything to worry about next year.

Except for the fact that AMD had to downclock and handcuff the Broadwell chip to even compare it on a clock-per-clock basis.

Having approximately equal performance per tick is meaningless when your competitor is able to run 20% more ticks in the same time period.

Comment Re:Yeah, but Broadwell-E 8-core procs run at 3.2GH (Score 1) 188

Matching it clock for clock is a HUGE step forwards.

And here I thought we had finally dispelled the notion that clock speed was all-important.

What matters is throughput per unit of time. It doesn't matter if they get throughput by using higher clock speeds or by more work per tick.

AMD is still being beaten badly at throughput.

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