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Comment Re:What a mess (Score 3, Insightful) 393

If I were Trump, I'd find campaign issues other than "crooked" and "bad judgement" to run against:

"crooked" - Under investigation for fraud, probably soon to be under investigation for bribery to get earlier fraud investigations squashed.

"bad judgement" - Three wives, four bankruptcies.

Comment Silly (Score 1) 279

They've zoomed in on the mechanism for decision making. That says nothing about free will.

If they find a mechanism for decision making in bullfrogs, will they conclude that they have free will?

If the relevant structures in a human are damaged, will they conclude that the person does *not* have free will? Not hold them accountable for crimes?

And of course it's well known that alcohol, other chemicals, even magnetic fields affect our decision making. Are those also part of the mechanism of free will?

Comment Re: r.i.p. mobile... (Score 1) 153

It'd be nice to see ARM being able to play in the HPC field.

The battlefield is littered with the bodies of those that have tried before... I know I worked with Calxeda when they were trying to crack into supercomputers with their 40-core systems.

At the end of the day, the flops/watt was considerably better with Intel's Xeon (and much better with Xeon Phi). But that was 2012...

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