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Submission + - Water on the Dark Side of the Moon (sky.com)

pm_rat_poison writes: A very important discovery, which sheds light on our solar system and opens up the way for human extra-terrestrial permanent settlements occurred today, as a result of the efforts of the LCROSS mission: A "significant" amount of water was discovered on a crater on the Dark Side of the Moon, supported by multiple lines of evidence.

Submission + - Avoiding invitations from Social Networking sites

pm_rat_poison writes: "I've just received yet another invitation to join yet another photo-sharing, friend-finding, social-networking site.
My problem is that my email contacts and my friends cannot understand that I just don't want them to give a site my email address so that the site can send me their invitation. I wouldn't have a problem if they sent me a mail themselves, asking me to join the site (which I wouldn't, because these things bore me), but I do have a problem when someone gives my email address to a site without my permission. How do you handle privacy issues with your non-nerd friends? Is there anyway to filter out "non-spam" automated site invitations? Plus, what happens to all those photos on all those sites like flikr or facebook you don't even have an account on and yet someone has your real name tagged in an uploaded photo? Finally, why do people understand that it's not proper to give another one's cell phone number or home address to some meatspace company, but they are totally ok with giving out email addresses?"

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