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Comment Like from a Vonnegut story... (Score 1) 622

It is the year 2081. Because of Amendments 211, 212, and 213 to the Constitution, every American is fully equal, meaning that no one is smarter, better-looking, stronger, or faster than anyone else.
The Handicapper General and a team of agents ensure that the laws of equality are enforced.
The government forces citizens to wear "handicaps" (a mask if they are too handsome or beautiful, earphones with deafening radio signals to make intelligent people unable to concentrate and form thoughts, and heavy weights to slow down those who are too strong or fast).

Comment Win 8 and Kinect (Score 1) 60

My guess is that with Win 8 Metro interface Microsoft might try to move not just into tablets, but also into TV market.

Think about it for a minute:
  1. Win 8 will stop being x86 exclusive, and will move on ARM too (Win 8 RT),
  2. MS might start fully supporting Kinect to control Win 8 metro interface,
  3. MS and partner TV manufacturers begin installing ARM processors and Win 8 RT on TVs, adding ability to connect Kinect through USB (or maybe even produce TVs with Kinect already installed),
  4. MS app store is now on many TVs in many living rooms,
  5. Profit..?

Purely speculation on my side, but might be the logical next step for MS.

Comment Re:So that's really why he gave up his citizenship (Score 1) 445

Not true.

In many countries, if you move outside, even for more than 6 months, you are still considered resident (and also required to pay taxes) under certain conditions.
For example, you might still pay taxes if you have personal interests in you country of origin, like if you own property or if you significant other and children still live there.

It is different from country to country. In my case, I am expat from European country living in the middle east more than 5 years already, and I would still have to pay income tax back home in case i owned any property there. I don't, BTW. :/

Comment Re:or just don't fuck up this planet so bad (Score 1) 438

There was a cost-benefit analysis done by Philip Morris for the Czech government that showed economical "benefit" of smoking.

It is not unbiased, but it is interesting to read about it.

Off course, I guess that a value of human life is more than just how much they can produce (or perhaps we should all agree just to kill our grandparents and parents as soon they retire to stop them from being a burden on our economy, Philip Morris style).

Submission + - SPAM: Kindle 3 – cheap, light, and space saver

An anonymous reader writes: Living in small space ? Don’t want to lose your space for book storage ? You can consider ebook reader such as Kindle 3 for book replacement ! With Kindle 3, you can read magazine, blog, newspaper and ebook with out loosing your home space and cut any tree. And the price for this best selling ebook reader is very cheap this day : 139 USD for WiFi only model if you have your WiFi network installed you might like these model, 189 USD for 3G plus WiFi and 379 USD with the biggest e-ink screen. If you would like to use your KIndle to read textbook or PDF. The online buying is easy just use your Kindle to access into the Amazon’s Kindle book store and you can choose among more than 400,000 titles including best seller. Considering Kindle instead of physical book buying is also a great place to start to save the tree. Imagine how may tree could we save if most of us use Kindle.
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Submission + - Google Confirms Chrome GPU Acceleration (

An anonymous reader writes: Google is already experimenting with GPU acceleration in its latest Chrome developer builds. Chrome 7 can separate different layers of w webpage into CPU and GPU processes and combine those layers using the GPU as long as the browser is now launched with certain switches. Chromium 7 has also a new Labs feature that reveals that Google is thinking about moving tabs from the top of the browser top the left side. It seems that Chrome will be catching up with Firefox 4 and IE9 in terms of hardware acceleration soon.

Submission + - Recruiters? CS Don't Need No Stinking Recruiters! 1

theodp writes: Out of necessity, reports Slate, tech startups are changing the way workers are screened and hired. Take database technology startup RethinkDB, whose old-school recruiting effort — job boards, external recruiters — yielded hundreds of resumes, dozens of phone screens, and numerous four-hour meetings with viable candidates, but no one who fit their criteria. 'They [recruiters] can't tell the difference between the competent ones and the stars,' complained Y Combinator's Paul Graham. Instead, the RethinkDB founders turned to sites like and to pick up six people (they're still looking), a mix of full-timers and interns, both senior and junior. 'You can see the code being written and how technically accurate they are,' explained RethinkDB's Michael Glukhovsky.
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Sony Blazing Trails or Following the Herd? (

donniebaseball23 writes: On Monday, news came down the pipeline from SCEE president Andrew House that Sony wants to focus on a younger audience for the PSP with future titles. My immediate reaction was one of shock and confusion. After all, in an interview with IndustryGamers at E3, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime noted that, “the way I would describe the market for the Nintendo 3DS would be the launch market that we had with the Nintendo DS plus the launch market that maybe PSP had.” When your primary competitor is looking to the exact market that you’ve catered to, why would you abandon that market? There was a time when Sony Computer Entertainment was a trailblazer, bringing things to the industry ahead of everyone else. Nowadays, however, it seems that Sony is content to merely fall in step behind everyone else and simply try hard to not fall too far behind.

Submission + - Blackberry battle in India going down to the wire (

crimeandpunishment writes: With just days before the deadline, Blackberry's maker was shot down by India in its latest effort to avoid having its services cut off for about a million Indian users of the device. Research in Motion's effort to broaden the debate over data encryption were rejected. The Indian government wants access to users' emails. The head of a powerful industry group in India accused RIM of taking the wrong approach to negotiations, saying "It need not have escalated to this level. Folks like RIM have to understand business is done differently here".

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