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Comment Re:Digital Rights? (Score 2) 205

Steam's DRM only works because games have a finite shelf life. If my copy of Portal 2 stops working in ten years when Steam shuts down, I won't mind. If I purchase books and they stop working at any point for any reason, I will be upset.

Comment Re:Digital Rights? (Score 5, Informative) 205

If I create some original digital content should I not have the right to set the terms of use and distribution? If someone doesn't agree with the terms they do not have the right to circumvent the terms just because they can.

Nice thought, but no! The rights of buyers are enshrined in law, just as the rights of content creators are. For example, if you want to prevent a buyer from later selling it, that's not legal. Yet that's what DRM lets you do. You can also use DRM to block copying beyond the life of copyright, which may not be illegal, but is certainly unethical.

I'm not sure if you can sell a product and set terms of use at all. Certainly you can set terms when you provide a service or make an agreement beyond a simple sale, but the grocery store cannot tell me how to use or not use the zuccini I just bought. (Perhaps they could, but they would have absolutely no legal grounds to enforce it.) DRM lets you control your customers in ways the legal system does not.

Comment Re: I see what's coming. (Score 1) 101

MEK? I thought xylene was the one that dissolves everything.

I do know something about solvents, so I'm of course the above is just me being silly. But what about methylene chloride? I thought that dissolved a huge variety of stuff. And I thought MEK was almost as safe as acetone. Not so?

Comment Can I join? (Score 1) 31

Can I join if I bought my phone outside the US? What if I'm currently residing outside the US (but have a US address)?

LG has refused to repair my boot-looping phone in the past. Have they changed their stance? Is there any way I can push them to reconsider? (It's long out of warranty by now, but the fact remains that they sold me a badly defective phone.)

Comment Re:familyâ(TM)s (Score 1) 227

Not being able to edit posts is a feature. Being able to rewrite the history of a conversation is Orwellian.

Not only that, but if people can go back and rewrite their words to sound more prefect, it encourages bad mental habits. Slashdot seems mostly free of the "social media is making you depressed" phenomena that have hit the news lately, and I suspect the inability to try to be perfect is a positive factor.

Not to mention how much nastier arguments can be when both people are constantly revising their comments to be more biting. Or am I projecting here? ;)

Comment Re:MSI (Score 1) 220

Really? I find them to be sort of uninspired. Nothing's seriously wrong, but that off-center touchpad falsely detects a tap about twice a minute in the exact same spot. It's caused by the pad being in the same place as my palm. The keyboard layout is easy to mistype due to everything being so perfectly regular and square. A lot of key combinations are a real reach. The touchpad is kind of messed up for a gaming laptop, in that you can't tap while holding the arrow keys. You can enable this functionality, but only by setting the touchpad to insanely high sensitivity, which amps up the false click detection. The plastic flexes when I pick it up by a corner. Am I eventually going to damage some internal component?

It's pretty good, but it hasn't reached the pinacle yet.

Comment Re:'Scuze me? (Score 2) 71

You may have helped pay for the development, but publishing is a discretionary expense. Some agencies would say you can have it, but you need to pay for the manpower to get it into a publishable format. ($0.10 copying fee for a friendly and well-organized local government office, much much more for a query made by the FOIA which requires a lengthy search.)

I haven't actually heard of a super pricey information retrieval fee, but I'd be surprised if it hasn't happened.

Comment Re: Victim Blaming? (Score 1) 113

So what do you propose instead? Keep in mind that blaming the accused (before evidence or judgement is given) is basically as wrong as blaming the accuser. How do you express skepticism or withhold judgement in a way you see as correct?

It's not good enough to just say keep your mouth shut. What's the right thing to say when one of your friends states that either the accuser or the accused has done Horrible Things?

Comment Re:Ok fags.. (Score 1) 111

LG phones are not. At least, the LG G4 had a nearly universal motherboard/CPU problem that caused phone death, and LG was extremely unhelpful with repairs. Going back in time, the LG Nexus 4 had a list of design problems as long as my arm, though if you were lucky enough to get a late iteration of the device, that may not have been a problem for you.

LG has not shown itself to be a trustworthy brand (to me personally), and even the three popular Chinese brands seem to produce a better product.

Android phones still have a better UI in many ways, but iOS will soon be finished copying all of Android's best features. When that happens (probably with the iPhone 8 and its soft buttons), there won't be much of a strong reason to prefer Android.

Comment Re:Stupid pixel race (Score 1) 111

I'm speculating to some extent, but in many cases you don't actually WANT to see the pixels. You want to see a straight line where the pixels are actually jagged. You want to see smooth gradients, curves that curve, and circles that are the same thickness and smoothness at every angle.

Of course, this problem was mostly solved by anti-aliasing and hinting, but my point is that you need many more pixels than the eye can pick out.

Comment Re:Good news! (Score 1) 195

And I'm less worried about all of them than those that attack the principle of free speech. Using the word "bigot" as a weapon, or even implying it, prevents free exchange of ideas. This falls under the umbrella of virtue-signalling, which is a more specific and useful term than "SJW".

There are plenty of people that smear others, both to win arguments and to show how righteous they are. To me, these people are the most toxic, because they are the wolf in sheep's clothing.

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