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Comment Sony has a bad reputation (Score 2) 390

...not only in the posts I read here, but also in Japan where last time I went there, I was surprised when someone told his friend who was contemplating buying a VAIO: "Sony wa hidoi!" which translates roughly by "Sony, what a piece of crap!"

I used to own a VAIO Z505 and loved it, then I got a VAIO R505 and couldn't figure out why Sony had made the fan constantly working WITH a variable speed. Had it been rotating at a constant speed, it would have been ok, but the change in speed got on my nerves. The keyboard was soso and the finish kinda cheap (wasup with all the plastic crap around), I returned the unit (and shelved a 10% restocking fee, bastards!)
I also wasn't very pleased when I got a picturebook with WindowsMe to find out that there web site didn't have the drivers if I wanted to update to Windows2K. This one was also returned before the end of month.
With Thinkpads and Dells, I never was disappointed, but Sony, I am afraid that something wrong will happen again. Beside, Sony are not doing the right thing for people to like them (DMCA, MPAA, RIAA, etc...) so Star Wars Galaxy, I won't buy, Everquest: I stopped playing since they got bought. I don't even watch their movies and dvds, and boycotted buying their CDs. Why is /. advertising their crap is beyond me.

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