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Comment Everyday in denmark since 2005 (Score 3, Interesting) 132

In 2005 such a DNS based filter was rolled out here in Denmark, First toured as a filter against Child pornography, as a none binding aggrement between the danish branch of save the children and the biggest Isp. By design its ofcause a none public liste, later in 2006 was blocked using the same system, then the pirate bay was added, then sites that sells medicin that requires a prescription, and the lates addion was gamling sites that doesnt pay danish tax. In 2008 the list was leaked ( ) , was found to be blocking sites not related to what it was intented to, legitime sites. It always starts out as against Child pornography, and then they will start put more and more into it.

Submission + - Portugal to Make CC Licences Illegal? ( 2

Glyn Moody writes: "A proposal for a worrying new law is being discussed in Portugal that seems to make Creative Commons licences illegal: "The equitable compensation of authors, artists, interpreters or executives is inalienable and non-renunciable, being null any other contractual clause in contrary." The view here seems to be that of Bill Gates when he asked: "Who can afford to do professional work for nothing?" But where would this leave CC-licensed projects like Wikipedia in Portugal?"

Submission + - Good Old Games: DRM drives gamers to piracy (

arcticstoat writes: Independent retro games retailer Good Old Games has spoken out about digital rights management, saying that it can actually drive gamers to piracy, rather than acting as a deterrent. In an interview, a spokesperson for Good Old Games said that the effectiveness of DRM as a piracy-deterrent was "None, or close to none."

"What I will say isn’t popular in the gaming industry," says Kukawski, 'but in my opinion DRM drives people to pirate games rather than prevent them from doing that. Would you rather spend $50 on a game that requires installing malware on your system, or to stay online all the time and crashes every time the connection goes down, or would you rather download a cracked version without all that hassle?"

Submission + - Smart House Brain Controlled System (

An anonymous reader writes: This is a system to control a Smart House (Home Automation) through brain waves. The system is being built for ALS Patients to assist them in their lives.
Youtube video:
Facebook Page:
The System is being built by Alon Bukai and Ofir Benyamin with the Guidance of Amnon Demri.

Comment Re:One month (Score 2) 348

well we have this system here in denmark, dns based blocking of child pronograf sites, then allofmp3 was added to the list, thepiratbay was next.
Now "illegal" gamling sites, aka we have single monoply for gamling in danmark, Next up sites selling medicin....

all this controlled in a none transpart way, just like the politicians like it.

Fight it, any way you can, onces its inplace its too late, and it WILL expand to block things others than its original purpose.

Comment url bar and https (Score 1) 343

Now we have spend years telling people to look at the url for https, to look there if the bar is green fro those extented certificates things, and now they want to do away with it.

Oh and that window that just totally locks up your browers, naa you dont want to know that url anyway, you are smart enough use another brower to get that.


Submission + - Anonymous Releases Version of Stuxnet (

KhabaLox writes: As reported here Sunday, Anonymous obtained a version of the Stuxnet worm from an infiltration into US security firm HBGary's network. They have now released the code on the internet. From the article:

"There is the real potential that others will build on what is being released," Michael Gregg, chief operating officer of cybersecurity firm Superior Solutions, told Gregg was quick to clarify that the group hasn't released the Stuxnet worm itself, but rather a decrypted version of it HBGary had been studying — which could act almost like a building block for cybercrooks." The Stuxnet binaries can be found at The Pirate Bay.

Comment distributed jamming ? (Score 2, Interesting) 1065

so what kind of range are we talking here, jamming phones on the sidewalks and further in from the street where there happen to be driving cars by ? Could be fun, on the otherhand not having to navivate around people talking away on their phone, and ignore people around might be concideret a bonus.

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