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Comment I was there yesterday and I wasn't too impressed (Score 1) 356

I read about this place about two weeks ago and noticed on their website they had Wifi access.
"Cool" I thought, "I can bring my laptop and work on the beach for a day".

We would have left right away but heard on the radio that they where having heating problems. Heatint problems were a definte deal killer sine it was currently snowing outside. I think the heating problems lasted a few day and at no time was this information posted on their website.

That left a bad taste in my mouth right away.

A week later we called to ask if the heating problem had been fixed. They said it had (while only grudgingly admitting they had a heating problem at all).

We were on a mission and weren't going to let a little poor management stand in our way. The three of us piled into the car yesterday and were on our way. After slight more than a one hour drive from Dresden (I think it's 45 minutes from Berlin) we were there.

The website says 100km from Dresden and 50km from Berlin. It is almost 200km between Dresden and Berlin.

As soon as we saw the building from the freeway the excitement started building (this building is big). We were in for something big.

Ten minutes after first sighting we were in the parking lot. The weather was perfect. An ice cold rain with strong winds. Tropical Islands was just what the doctor ordered!

On the way in the door I commented to my coworker with a sinking feeling that we neglected to ask on the phone if the advertised wifi was working yet.

Oh well it probably works and its not like we're turning around now.

We walked in the door and it was soo....


The problem is that the building really is unbelievably huge. And what they built inside it is just really big.
It was dwarfed by the building really. Thow we coudl see a few people floating above us in a hot air balloon. That was pretty damn cool.

Most importantly it sure was warm!
I had to take my jacket and sweaters off immediately to keep from sweating.

The entry way was kind of confusing. We were shuttled to the entry were we were given a debit card to keep track of how much we spent and how long we were in there so that you can pay on your way out. Take a card and walk in. There were no prices posted anywhere. Nowhere was the system explained If we had not read about the system on the website we would not have even been aware we were explicitly agreeing to pay by accepting that card the pretty girl handed us.

And I forgot the Polynesian dancers. Right next to this girl were three "Polynesian dancers". These were three Asians in "traditional" Polynesian dress with about 40 pounds of makeup on with the most depressed/humiliated looks on their faces.

Now we're in. We went to change into our swimsuits and then proceeded to ask the nearest coworker about wifi.

Wireless Internet?
What's that?

We had to ask 5 coworkers before we finally make it pretty high up the management chain and were told to please sit while they found an answer for us.

After awhile a guy who gave me the impression he was the manager on duty came out explained that the it department couldn't help him. However if we hag around near the office area and use the password "Guest" we might be able to get it to work but he could make no promises.

Funny I thought the website said they had wifi access.

We gave up on working and went swimming. We swam around for like two hours had a great time. Then we got bored, had a decent lunch for a reasonable price, and paid our minimum four hours and headed to work.

I had a good time. But I don't think you'll see me around there again anytime soon.

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