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Comment True Freedom is a working X86 Decompiler. (Score 1) 319

What about the freedom to decompile open source software that others will not give you the code for because they added things that take away freedoms on the most common platforms (i386, i686)? I dont see RMS standing up for our rights in that area, he just wants to create code not make sure others cant take it from him. The best decompilers are all very commercial and cost thousands of dollars a seat. in fact there was only one I could find that actually worked at all and it still sucked in ways that i really should not have. RMS doesn't have his priorities straight but its hard to belive that this is not intentional; cant help but wonder who is paying him or the rest of the open source community off not to have a really good decompiler as every time such a project starts it very suddenly stops being supported/usefull and fades into the black. If you really support open source, help get us a good x86 compiler that will at the very least convert to C; The current options just dont work and I think thats intentional.

Comment Re:Illegal? (Score 1) 663

Being blind, I usually use a screen-reader. JAWS works well on Windows platforms but the options are.. less.. on linux as the factions tend to fight with each other instead of try to be compatible, and to be honest open source people are as a rule, more interested in pushing their agenda of "freedom" on the population at large, not the smaller subset of technology users I represent... aka, open source people (in general) dont care about the blind.

Comment Re:And Yet... (Score 2) 29

The people on github are really smart; Just stupid when it comes to common sense. I'm sure one of the github spies is reading this now, cursing my name or otherwise feeling insulted despite my clear attempt at humor, and adding diffing of plain files to the backlog for the next sprint.

Submission + - Devs Flay Microsoft for Withholding Windows 8.1 RTM (computerworld.com)

CWmike writes: Windows app developers are taking Microsoft to task for the company's decision to withhold Windows 8.1 until mid-October. Traditionally, Microsoft offers an RTM to developers several weeks before the code reaches the general public. On Tuesday, however, Microsoft confirmed that although Windows 8.1 has reached RTM, subscribers to MSDN will not get the final code until the public does on Oct. 17, saying it was not finished. Antoine Leblond, a Microsoft spokesman, in a blog post, 'In the past, the release to manufacturing (RTM) milestone traditionally meant that the software was ready for broader customer use. However, it's clear that times have changed.' Developers raged against the decision in comments on another Microsoft blog post, one that told programmers to write and test their apps against Windows 8.1 Preview, the public sneak peak that debuted two months ago. 'In an world inhabited by pink unicorns and pixie dust, the advice in this post would be sufficient,' said 'brianjsw,' one of several commenters. 'However, we live in the real world last time I looked out the window. In the real world, developers must have access to the RTM bits before [general availability]. The fact that Microsoft no longer seems to understand this truly frightens me.'

Comment Re:wrong choice (Score 1) 684

I have first hand experience with this, they hire the cheapest most unqualified people they can and use them to replace local people only on a cost basis. Qualifications mean nothing only the per-hour fee to the client so that the spread between what the client pays and what the worker gets is as large as possible.

Comment And its already failed. (Score 1) 558

I'm visually disabled and while I agreed sighties often overlook our needs the cold hard truth is that any sort of support for the blind will be leveraged by spammers and bots who seek profit at the site owners expense. Would I love to have better support for mend others like me? Yeah.. but I'm a realist and I know its never going to be a priority for most people because the sighted done care about the blind like me.

Comment The problem isnt.. (Score 1) 622

The problem isn't that nobody is willing to do the work, the problem is that people are not ALLOWED to do the work. Or worse, people who don't know as much as they think they do have the power to stop others by not allowing check ins that would fix problems. The upper tier of the dev team is full of themselves; They don't want to listen to others because they want to do things "their way" even when others have shown this to be incorrect. And they REFUSE to educate themselves, the PHP core dev team is like people from the deep south or something.

Comment Re:Participant Psychosis? (Score 1) 540

You are wrong. I am not legally insane, but I would love to go to mars. As for kids, sure, let me donate to a sperm back I hold all rights to, give me a willing female PHD on mars as a backup, and we are good. I will be the first guy on mars, women will be begging to use my seed here on earth - thats why i would leave a supply behind - and the money can be spent on things I care about here on earth while my kids would eb well taken care of, so its win-win. As for kids on mars, sure, but its something you have to really plan for due to the hostile conditions. I wouldn't be surprised if the first trip is all of the same gender to not create issues. You are the one with mental problems; why would you have such a low self esteem that you cared about the world you left behind? Better to think of the future and all the great things you could explore OUT THERE.

Comment Re:THEN YOU DO IT MISTER HIGH AND MIGHTY !! (Score 2, Interesting) 663

The problem is simple: You are asking me to code something I could get paid a LOT of money to work on, for free with nothing gained from the time and effort spent away from my family... outside of my work. People like myself who could be doing this sort of work exist and we are freely available at a good market rate, but we would rather be making money than donating our time and effort to something we do not see as practical, efficient, or worthwhile. Open source is great for simple things, or if somebody is just learning, or if you are really skilled, really bored, and motivated by your education (Like Linux itself was started on as a school project, right?).. but if you are like most people working on something that technical for no money is a waste of time and energy as the people who can make it career already have, and I for one do not want to be the guy who pressures somebody else that I respect to step aside so I can be "them" in the OSS community. I respect the upper tier of open source - the Linus's, Alan's, etc, of the world - too much to be that much of a jerk. Its also not practical. Worse, as things advance the driver will be surpassed or just not work on a chipset.. and then you will have people like Linus belittling the effort you made into it. Nobody wants to be belittled for working on something nobody else wants or has the skills to do. Or you could just get sued for violating an nda, or if you didn't, for researching things and learning its secrets on your own. If you are not going to make yourself a target, why should you expect others to? I love open source; But its reasons like this that it has so many gaps and parts of it outright sucks.

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