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Comment Re:Running the numbers... (Score 2) 199

Wait, let me see if I got this right. So we in the shape of the Federal government are actually paying for a bunch of home schoolers and flat earthers to crap all over the Internet more conveniently?

Can't we save some money and just provide connectivity to Breitbart and Red State and keep these people out of other comment sections?

Submission + - Oracle exec: Stop sending vulnerability reports (

florin writes: Oracle chief security officer Mary Ann Davidson published a most curious rant on the company's corporate blog yesterday, addressing and reprimanding some pesky customers that just will not stop bothering her. As Mary put it: "Recently, I have seen a large-ish uptick in customers reverse engineering our code to attempt to find security vulnerabilities in it. ".

She goes on to describe how the company deals with such shameful activities, namely that "we send a letter to the sinning customer, and a different letter to the sinning consultant-acting-on-customer's behalf — reminding them of the terms of the Oracle license agreement that preclude reverse engineering, So Please Stop It Already."

Later on, in a section intended to highlight how great a job Oracle itself was doing at finding vulnerabilities, the CSO accidentally revealed that customers are in fact contributing a rather significant 1 out of every 10 vulnerabilities: "Ah, well, we find 87 percent of security vulnerabilities ourselves, security researchers find about 3 percent and the rest are found by customers.".

Unsurprisingly, this revealing insight into the company's regard for its customers was removed later. But not before being saved for posterity.

Submission + - Uber drivers arrested by undercover cops in Hong Kong (

An anonymous reader writes: Police in Hong Kong have today raided Uber’s office in the Asian city, after several officers posed as Uber customers and arrested drivers on Tuesday morning in an attempt to put an end to illegal taxi services. Five drivers who had offered their services across the taxi-hailing app were arrested on suspicion of illegally carrying passengers and driving without third-party insurance. The men are being held for further investigation.

Submission + - The Universe Is Dying, Galactic Survey Shows (

astroengine writes: A study of more than 200,000 galaxies, encompassing wavelengths of light from the far ultraviolet to infrared, shows that the universe is producing half as much energy as it did 2 billion years ago and continues to fade. “Newer galaxies are simply putting out less energy than galaxies did in the past,” astronomer Mehmet Alpaslan, with NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif., told Discovery News. In other words, astronomers, for the first time, have gathered observational evidence that our universe is slowly marching toward its eventual heat death (in a few trillion years time).

Comment Not gonna fly (Score 0) 253

They can of course do whatever they like once they default and are forced to go off on their own to protect the rest of the Eurozone. I'm sure having a currency of their own again may sound tempting considering their current predicament.

But current cryptocurrencies are popular only because of the promise of easy wealth to early adopters. The concept of taking control away from established capital and the concept of states is only interesting as long as such adopters have not yet become established themselves. A state backed cryptocurrency will not have that dodgy get rick quick appeal so it's hard to see who will benefit from this.

Comment Re:A highly relevant comment from the previous pos (Score 1) 262

Writeup doesn't make sense. The problem is supposedly a fundamental limit in Direct3D 11.2, which would be unable to handle the large nunber of draw calls. Yet the Nvidia 970 and 980 are claimed to offer great ('ideal') performance. Using D3D 11.2. Wut?

Maybe AMD should spend more time optimizing their D3D path rather than spending their limited development resources on the Mantle detour that benefits noone but their own hardware.

Comment Re: Rescued? (Score 1) 190

A kidney stone attack can have very similar symptoms to an acute appendicitis (searing pain around the abdominal area, vomiting) which qualifies as an emergency. It is possible that an accurate diagnosis could not be performed on site.

Other than that, kidney stones are among the most painful afflictions there are. Patients are best brought to a place where windows can't be opened as some may decide to jump out on the spot. They will do anything to get the pain to stop, and a guy like Bezos just happens to have some resources.

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