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Submission + - Oculus revealed 30 VR Games to launch With Rift Headset on March 28 (

An anonymous reader writes: Ahead of the launch of the Oculus Rift on March 28, the Facebook-owned company has announced a list of 30 games it will be launching for its virtual reality platform on launch day. The company on the sidelines also announced Oculus Home for its Rift VR headset.

The Facebook-owned company announced 30 titles for the Rift VR. Oculus insists that it will be adding more games soon.

The titles that are coming are as follows: ADR1FT, Adventure Time, AirMech: Command, Albino Lullaby, Audio Arena, Project CARS, Chronos, Darknet, Dead Secret, Defense Grid 2, Dreadhalls, Elite Dangerous, Esper 2, EVE Valkyrie Founder's Pack, Fly to Kuma, EVE Gunjack, Herobound SC, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Lucky's Tale, Omega Agent, Redial G, Rooms, Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe VR, Smashing the Batle, Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Vektron Revenge, VR Tennis Online, Pinball FX2 VR, BlazeRush, and Windlands.

"These games take you to the outer reaches of space, mysterious labyrinths of wonder, and fantastic worlds of adventure. And they're just the beginning," Oculus VR wrote in a blog post. "We're working with thousands of developers on entirely new VR experiences. There are over a hundred more games coming to Oculus this year."

The company also announced the Oculus Home for the Rift VR headset. The company says that Home will allow users to explore content on their library, discover new content, and also connect with friends. Oculus says that users will also be able to explore the platform using the Oculus desktop app.

To recall, the Oculus Rift VR is priced at $599 and will begin shipping on March 28.

Submission + - France agrees bailout for EDF to proceed with Hinkley Point C (

mdsolar writes: The French government has promised a financial bailout for cash-strapped energy group EDF so that it can proceed with the £18bn plan to build the first nuclear reactors in Britain for 20 years.

France’s economics minister, Emmanuel Macron, said it would be a mistake for the 85% state-owned company not to build a new Hinkley Point C power plant in Somerset and he would ensure it happened.

“If there is a need to recapitalise (EDF), we will,” he said during a visit to a nuclear power station at Civaux in midwestern France. “If there needs to be a further waiver of dividends (from EDF to government), we will.”

Flanked by Jean-Bernard Lévy, the EDF chief executive under fire from French unions and his own former finance director, Macron added: “If you believe in nuclear, you cannot say that you will not participate in the biggest nuclear project in the world. Not doing Hinkley Point would be a mistake.”

Submission + - LIGO confirms gravity waves from black hole collision 1

DudeTheMath writes: NPR has a nice write-up of the newly-published results. "[R]esearchers say they have detected rumblings from that cataclysmic collision as ripples in the very fabric of space-time itself. The discovery comes a century after Albert Einstein first predicted such ripples should exist. ... The signal in the detector matches well with what's predicted by Einstein's original theory, according to [Saul] Teukolsky [of Cornell], who was briefed on the results."

Submission + - Four elements added to periodic table

physburn writes: The bbc are reporting that four new elements with Atom Numbers 113,115,116,177 are to be added to the periodic table. IUPAC has now initiated the process of formalising names and symbols for these elements.

Submission + - SPAM: How to Create Mobile Games with Zapped Games

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Submission + - Last operating Magnox nuclear reactor closes

nojayuk writes: The world's last operating Magnox nuclear reactor, Wylfa 1 in Anglesey, Wales was closed yesterday after providing carbon-free power for over 40 years. Wylfa1 was originally scheduled to shut in 2012 along with the adjacent Wylfa 2 reactor but it was kept operating for another three years with the innovative use of partially-burnt fuel from Wylfa 2 and remaining stocks of fresh Magnox fuel. The reactor will be defuelled and move into its decommissioning phase over the next year.

The Magnox design used gas-cooling and a carbon moderator with the capability to produce weapons-grade plutonium depending on how it was fuelled and operated. Its design fed into the next-generation AGRs which provide about 6GW of Britain's electricity supply today.

Comment 99 Years (Score 1) 120

I make it 99 years since general relavity was written, and 110 years since special relavity was written, what is so special about the first confirming solar eclipse that marks it the beginning of relavity, the solar eclipse meanly showed that light could be bent by gravity, one of the prediction of general relaivity.

Comment Re:In the UK I think we would be better (Score 1) 310

Keeping summer time all year round, would lead to it getting dark at 3pm on the winter solistice, that's crazy, want to leave work in the light at much as possible. In the summer its good we have BST, leads to saving on lighting as it doesn't get dark till later, but still wake up for work in the light most of the time. Forget the moaner, i think we have the right time system.

Comment He will be missed. (Score 1) 141

I've read almost every thing by him, the culture books make for great reading, complete with chatty star ship Minds. Also loved some of his non sf book, like complicity and Espida (sp?) Street. Yes his book where somewhat dark particularly many of the ending, but also refreshing in parts. He will be missed.I've read almost every thing by him, the culture books make for great reading, complete with chatty star ship Minds. Also loved some of his non sf book, like complicity and Espida (sp?) Street. Yes his book where somewhat dark particularly many of the ending, but also refreshing in parts. He will be missed.

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