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Comment Re:EFI? (Score 2, Interesting) 207

Coreboot by itself is initialization firmware only. That means, it doesn't provide any callable interfaces to the operating system or its loader. So you cannot ask coreboot to load a block from disk. That's were BIOS, OpenFirmware and (U)EFI come into play to fill the gap. They don't define the firmware, but its interface.

I haven't read the article, but I'm quite sure that they're using SeaBIOS - running on top of coreboot - to boot Windows. In this setup, coreboot performs hardware initialization and SeaBIOS provides the required BIOS routines for Windows to boot.

So why not (U)EFI, you ask? Well, it just takes someone to place an EFI implementation on top of coreboot. I think GnuFI used to be able to run off coreboot, but I think the project is dead. TianoCore is probably a better option. Actually, I know that TianoCore is the better option and that it can be done, but certain legal obligations prevent me from porting TianoCore to coreboot at the moment.

Comment Re:CVSup (Score 1) 120

I don't have any experience with Subversion, so I don't know if this is going to be "better" or not -- but will CVSup still work more or less the same once the migration is complete?
Yes. For now, they're automatically pushing all SVN commits into CVS. That way, the old CVS distribution infrastructure will continue to work. An insightful email from the guy doing the conversion can be found here.

Submission + - Ray tracing for gaming explored (pcper.com) 3

Vigile writes: "Ray tracing is still thought of as the 'holy grail' for real-time imagery but because of the intense amount of calculations required it has been plagued with long frame render times. This might soon change, at least according to an article from Daniel Pohl, a researcher at Intel. With upcoming many-core processors like Intel's Larrabee he believes that real-time ray tracing for games is much closer than originally thought thanks in large part to the efficiency it allows with spatial partitioning and reflections when compared to current rasterization techniques. Titles like Valve's Portal are analyzed to see how they could benefit from ray tracing technology and the article on PC Perspective concludes with the difficulties combing the two rendering techniques as well as a video of the technology in action."

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