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Comment Re:Bullshit! (Score 1) 71

This is exactly what I was wondering about. I would absolutely love if this allowed it to work on a PI, but if there's still some dependency on a module that isn't available on ARM, it's probably a no-go.

Then again, I've heard of people getting it to work on Chromium by grabbing bits and pieces from a Chromebook (which can play Netflix), so it's still possible AFAIK.

I'm actually OK with DRM modules so long as they follow a known, open standard (and yes, this can be done, much like encryption). Anything else is "security" by obscurity anyhow.

Comment RROD and overheating processors (Score 3, Informative) 90

A lot of early fixes for RROD and overheating processors included some pretty simple solutions
a) A strong "clamp" or a copper shim to more tightly hold the GPU on, so that it wouldn't come loose when the solder heated up
b) Changing the fan behavior to be more aggressive to keep the device cooler

There were a lot of people offering services to fix early XBoxes and all it really involved was heating things up so that the chip would slip back in better, then jamming a nice thick piece of copper in place to hold the chip on tighter while still conducting heat away.

Comment Pop-up vendor (Score 1) 41

Yeah, it seems they still haven't properly deal with the issue of "pop-up vendors". These guys pop up around a special event (Boxing Day, Black Friday, etc) and sell a bunch of hot items at slightly below the others. Not enough that it's obviously a scam, but that it looks like they're offering the better deal. Then, days or weeks later when you realise you've been scammed, you get to enjoy going through Amazon's reporting process despite the fact that the vendor now had 100 people complaining that they've been sent an item from in "Canada" yet with a USPS shipping code that end in CN.

I mean, automatic flagging wouldn't be hard here.
* Vendor says they're in Canada: shipping = non-local shipper (USPS), FAIL
* Vendor says they're in N America: shipping is a Chinese local shipping code (ends in CN), FAIL

Being that we all had a similar complains and they were pretty easily shown to be a bad seller, this is definitely something that should be "testable"

Comment Access/modification times (Score 1) 520

Self-incrimination issues aside:

On these drives, are they completely encrypted preventing mounting or is it just the file contents?
If it's the former, then one should be able to see the last time a file was changed. If it's a few days before the seizure, I'd call BS. If the last access/modification was a fair time ago then it becomes more reasonable to assume the "I forgot" defence is truthful

Comment backdoor (Score 1) 63

A lot of employers I've been in don't need a "backdoor", because their access-controls and account-management are so effing terrible there's almost always remnants of old accounts.

I had an old-old employer of mine for whom some of their sites were still emailing for years after employment with "hey, we miss you, please come back." I've never bothered to see if I still have admin-level access, but I wouldn't be surprised?

How can this be, you ask? Well they wanted us to use usernames and email addresses that weren't part of the company to hide when we were acquiring various assets so that the users didn't revolt (hey, how come there's all these new admins with addresses). Hence it wasn't obvious to either the users OR the admins who was a corporate user or not.

I haven't seen an email about that in a year or two now, but that's also possibly because I blocked most of them or marked them as spam.

Comment TDP? (Score 2) 173

It's good to see a broad selection of cores/threads and clock coming out, but what I'd be really interested in knowing what the actual wattage/TDP of this processors is supposed to be.

I've had a mini-ITX box running with an A10 and a slotted GPU which can pretty much hold its own for any games etc, but I would like to get something a bit more powerful or more cores. Normally you're not going to be able to run a really high-wattage CPU on a mini-ITX board, and even if you could the tight spaces tend towards overheating. It would be nice if the 6-core CPU's can balance out with a reasonable wattage, and even nicer would be if they come out with some E-Series CPU's (great Performance Per Watt on those) under the Ryzen platform

Comment "Free" services (Score 1) 147

It doesn't help that the non-free services became so degraded that they weren't worth paying for.

ISP email: Full of SPAM, crappy low limits, and - guess what - they're likely spying on your too!
All those "free" sites that survived on ads etc. Yeah they even went to selling your information or dropping you with spyware/malware, etc, or they're gone completely.

It's not that people don't care, it's that there isn't much in the way of alternatives. Hell, the US Gov is happily changing laws so that your mobile carrier or ISP can slurp and sell data from the services you're paying quite a bit for.

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