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Comment Re:Great idea! Articles could be categorized and d (Score 1) 185

Gee, sarcasm.

newsgroups are different than a P2P seeding system. There wasn't really a peer so much that your ISP and some other major odies would keep local cache's of the top groups. The obvious disadvantage of this being that those same bodies get to choose which newsgroups they clone/share, whereas in P2P anyone who has picked up the document/article/whatever is potentially also a peer.

Comment Distributed websites (Score 1) 185

This sounds like a good use for some torrent-type technology to supply "distributed websites"
Rather than having a server or "servers", articles go out from a seed source and are quickly seeded throughout the world. Maybe add some sort of checksumming/encryption to help validate that an article did in-fact come from the real source and not an impostor... it would stop sh*t like this from happening.

Comment Morals (Score 1) 172

"Your business got extra work and revenue t"

Because some of us have morals, and frankly most of the people I know who've had this issue - often older folks etc - could ill-afford a professional to fix it. I've had similar issues with a certain local ISP who just *loves* to blame issues with their mailserver etc on the customers' PC. At $100/h after tax (not my rate, but the company I subcontracted through at the time) it's pretty crappy to come in and check out somebody's PC only to have to tell them that it's their ISP's problem and they're a bunch of lying dirtbags (oh, and you can't cancel on them for another year because: contract).

Comment I can believe it (Score 1) 106

While I can believe that some people have indeed suffered from device fires or possibly even explosions, we've already seen plenty of cases in the past where people blame their own misconduct/error on a popular defect, such as
* Telsa "autopilot"
* Toyota unintended acceleration
* etc

While those both had legitimate cases, there were also a number that were simply people trying to get out of blame (i.e. for causing an accident with their own behaviour) or make a buck (lawsuits).

Comment Uh, notebook, single drive, RAID (Score 1) 467

First of all... this is a notebook, with a SINGLE drive. Why in the hell would it even need to operate in RAID mode?

Secondly, some people are saying that leaving out the option is simply to reduce support costs by something flipping the wrong settings. Seriously, it's a very rare case indeed where I see a non-power user in the BIOS at all, let alone changing settings on the RAID config, never mind that there are plenty of simpler ways to pooch the machine like locking it out with a boot password or just f***ing up something in the OS.

So people are discussing this thing not being able to disable the RAID setting. I'm wondering why it even has one on a single-drive notebook in the first place?!

Comment Incognito is still private (Score 1) 84

This is a pretty poor summary, as others have mentioned. It appears the initial promise was that all messages would be unlogged, but that now only applies to incognito mode.

Realistically, as long as this works in "incognito", it's not really a bad thing to log messages in the regular mode. Sometimes there are good reasons to want your chat logs (e.g. if somebody told you how to do something and you need to reference an old chat, etc).

Want private? Just go Incognito.

Comment Rat-shit (Score 1) 429

Yeah. I just helped somebody doing a kitchen reno and trust me, an old rodent nest full of insulation, fur, and shit is *not* something you want run into in your home. Aside from being fucking gross, there's also the issue of the multitude of illnesses you can get from inhaling the dust etc.

For the record, I've had rats as pets (they make good pets, too), and they're cute+smart. Verminous rats are a big nope though.

Comment Size (Score 1) 232

I'd imagine mostly because it's easier to pad the length of the laptop horizontally (Caps to Numkeys) by giving it a full-size keyboard , but a "taller" screen also means having a laptop with a lot of vertical space (touchpad to function keys) and there's not so much to fit in there. I've have a few 4:3 laptops and while the dimensions are nice to work with, the things are pretty brick'ish.

Comment Re:A2DP vs HCP (Score 1) 495

If people really cared, there would be more HCP+A2DP devices

Most people probably aren't even aware of the difference between HCP and A2DP. Hell, many people I know have issues getting their bluetooth devices to sync the first time around.
Guess what those people end up doing? They end up using a *gasp* WIRED device.

Thankfully, for PC's at least, there are still a variety of standard USB-based sound devices available

Comment Re:A2DP vs HCP (Score 1) 495

Yup. But it's not so much an issue in a voice-only conversation. HCP was mainly designed for two-way voice conversations so it's OK on those, it's just really sh*tty for higher-quality audio.

The problem I have with bluetooth and gaming is that I have to choose either from an HCP profile so that I can talk to my teammates through the mic, which gives me really crappy game audio and background music (sounds like it's coming through an old phone), or I can go with A2DP and get good audio but need to use a separate microphone.

As mentioned, I believe some devices cheat this by connecting multiple channels to bluetooth, and showing up as separate devices for bi-directional audio VS music (so the HCP device becomes your "microphone", and the A2DP device your "speakers").

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