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Comment And herein lie the issues (Score 1) 310

"It would also remove posts from any state in which a gun seller says a background check will be skipped, even if such checks arenâ(TM)t required where the seller lives." There is no law requiring such a check in most states, therefore they are knowingly deleting posts which conform to the law. What's more, it is essentially impossible for a private citizen to perform a proper NICS check, meaning that it is impossible to honestly comply with the intent of the policy. Also, it requires a near expert in law and firearms to determine which guns are actually legal or illegal, so there is little chance of this being implemented as intended. Finally there is little evidence of a positive causal relation between background checks and actual impacts. While we can certainly accept that sometimes it may offer a minor deterrent or slowing, in most of the incidents which have led to this type of policy implementation it would have absolutely no effect, thereby negating the need for such policy in the first place. This is a TERRIBLE situation.

Comment Re:Least fitting interview question ever asked (Score 1) 692

True, but when you can't be physically harmed, after you're used to having to be on edge for that, it's quite a relief. I never once had the slightest fear or aggression with customers. Now management...THAT was a different issue. But when you're safe you can be calm and deal rationally...a luxury sorely missed on the streets. Not to mention, dealing with internet after dealing with literal life and death...paralyzation, mortal illness, dementia and loss of self, emergency and realize there's simply nothing going on that really matters in the grand scheme of things, which let's you stay fairly happy with life.

Comment Least fitting interview question ever asked (Score 5, Interesting) 692

My personal fave:

After the spending the first gulf war in the military and then working a decade in extremely active security companies (we're talking 200+ combats a year and solo commercial and industrial armed alarm responses) I was ready to break into IT. On my first interview (for @Home phone network support) the hiring panel asked me "how I would handle the extraordinary stress of having to deal with people who were so very angry with me".

I started laughing like a lunatic, and couldn't stop until the tears were rolling down my cheeks. I realized they were horrified at my behavior and had been serious. I asked if they'd even read my resume and cover letter, and when they hemmed and hawed I explained further.

It went something like - "Look, 6 months out of boot camp I spent a night in ops watch at a flag command as the 4th link in the chain of nuclear response...that means that had anything happened I would have been one of the first people to get the ball rolling towards global nuclear armageddon. In security I was called upon to rush alone into a warehouse in the middle of the night with hundreds of thousands of dollars of merchandise all around me and find out if it was on fire, or if a half dozen armed criminals were robbing the place. I had to put myself (unarmed and unarmored) into melees with a pack of armed gangbangers out for revenge over a recent shooting. I had to restrain psychotic killers who were on PCP before they could murder the 19yr old nurse on duty. Look I realize you take your job seriously, but quite honestly none of you have the slightest idea of what stress or anger are. Next question please."

I figured that was gonna wash me out in a heartbeat, but surprisingly I got the job.

Comment Re:I've said it a hundred times... (Score 1) 658

I'm sure someone said the same thing about the brownshirts. ANYONE participating in an evil act are themselves evil by definition. Period. Everything ends in violence. It's just a matter of time and degree. In other words, how many will you allow to be violated and harmed before you finally do what's needed?

Comment Re:I've said it a hundred times... (Score 1) 658

I didn't say you'd punch em and leave. You'll have to fight desperately and will eventually be overpowered. In fact people may end up dying. Unfortunately that's just what it takes to be victorious against that level of authoritarian fascism. Actually, many of us are armed just as well as they are (small arms at least). The military is a non-factor as they couldn't deploy heavily on American soil without galvanizing opinion against the government. That's not even considering groups like Oathkeepers or just general morality among service members who would refuse to participate. Trust me, I'm ex military. Voting is useless because we're only offered two sides of the same corrupt coin. You cannot force evil to change, only overwhelm it.

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