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Comment Re:Fear is a good thing for business (Score 1) 297

No one is thinking of a regular middle class person who amassed $1.5 million in their retirement account by the age of 65.

You're wrong. That's exactly who they are thinking about. Why do you think all the tax breaks cut off (and tax hikes begin at) significantly lower income levels than 10 million (250k joint was the most recent target income level for hiking costs on). Govt policy never targets those making 10+ million (probably because there simply aren't enough people making that, are therefore not enough money to extract). Media/people may rail against the Enron CEOs of the world, but the actual policy that goes into effect punishes primarily the middle classes millionaires.

I can virtually guarantee this isn't what the AC was thinking of when he mentioned them.

Perhaps that's the problem. In their eager, vindictive zeal to crucify the billionaires of the world, they support legislation that puts the coals to the lesser wealthy, while the billionaires hide their wealth in Ireland.

Comment Re:don't get your hope up (Score 1) 261

Those were also the same sites fawning over pieces of shit like Dragon Age 2, and threw a hissyfit calling consumers "entitled" over the complete shitshow that was the Mass Effect 3 ending.

You must not have waited long enough. Dragon Age 2 has an 82 metascore (anything around 80 is thoroughly average on that site) and a 4.4 User Score (abyssmal). Mass Effect 3 has a fair metascore of 89, given the fact everything other than the ending was awesome about that game.

Seeing as how my general rule is to ignore anything under 80 on Metacritic and to filter out everything in the 80-85 range based on User Scores, I'd say the system works.

Comment Re:Looking for the exit (Score 2) 61

A Google login, whether you get it via gmail or "G Suite", ties into all of the Android apps and keeps search history and integrates it into other Google products, and runs synchronization of most app data so they can see a great deal of what you do on the phone. About the worst that you can do is turn on device management. It will take about two days to turn off and during that time it will do its very best to force your email users to put their devices under your control. After that you apparently even have control over booting of the device. It's enough to make me want to support another open phone. Mozilla just gave up the ghost on that.

Comment Re: meh (Score 1) 471

Military meals are designed with attention to the morale factor. Even the modern MRE is designed to help the soldier feel human in unfavorable surroundings. Apollo 10 was the first to officially test real bread. Gemini Astronauts smuggled aboard a kosher corned beef sandwich but it was stale and thus had too many crumbs which went airborne. By Apollo 10 it was discovered that nitrogen-flushed bread would stay fresh for 10 days. I'll have to try that.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 2) 237

I've got a ton of free stuff from Amazon because they keep using Dynamex.

I just call and complain and I get anything from $10 credit to a refund for everything I ordered + the OK to keep it when it arrives.

Literally, every single time Dynamex was used they screwed it up. Same day turning in to 3 or 4 days, saying they delivered the item at 8pm (and I'm on the phone with Amazon saying it wasn't delivered when they show up at 11pm delivering) to not delivering at all (I have a security cam and was able to prove no delivery attempt was made).

Comment Re: meh (Score 1) 471

but what are the chances of finding a good vintage of scotch to go with all of this breaded goodness they are going to be having up there?

Alcohol is definitely going to space. Ballantine's zero-gravity glass is made in cooperation with something called the Open Space Agency, which also has a design for an automated Dobsonian telescope. Ardbeg is going to space. And a vacuum still is an old science-fiction trope.

Comment Re:Everybody should be prepared to die. (Score 4, Funny) 471

Out of several tens of billions of humans, only a fraction have not yet died, and of those who died, only a small percent of disputed cases indicate recovery.

On the contrary, I have never died before and rumors that I would do so are spread by fact-checkers of the liberal press and corrupt global warming scientists.

Comment Some Artistic License (Score 1) 471

I like the part in the SpaceX video where the rocket lands, and the door opens on magnificent desolation. This is artistic license. Obviously the material for a habitat would precede the arrival of people.

But yes, a first-try planetary colony won't necessarily work. Getting there is dangerous, and once you're there being able to continue to provide the population with air, water, food, shelter, and energy is going to have significant risks of lethal failures.

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