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Comment Re:Jurisdiction (Score 2) 45

The argument is that he had a presence in the US (server) which violated "US's stupid copyright rules". If I was in another country and remote controlled a drone in to the US and blew something up I would be violating US law. Yeah, it's a horrible analogy but it's about as close as you can get where you can visualize the argument.

I don't think it's going to be an easy thing for the prosecutors to prove WHERE he violated US law but that is kind of not an issue any more. KAT is down and essentially gone. The message has been sent -- you dip your toe in the torrent waters above a certain level and your life will be turned upside-down.

Comment Re:So global warming started... (Score 1) 585

"Reducing use of fossil fuels" != "halting all progress" You use the phrase "slow this progress" but the remainder of your comment implies almost halting progress.

I'm looking at the OP's numbers, and it implies no such thing. In fact, it almost exactly implies a ~50% tech reduction. That's far from "halting all progress".

More importantly, you're completely dodging the point being made by trying to claim exaggeration. In simple form: all things have a cost (Perhaps not zero sum, but a cost nonetheless). And every hour of our time or dollar of our money that we throw at accelerating green adoption is an hour/dollar that could have went towards any number of things, like curing cancer or reducing poverty. Is the relationship one-to-one? No. Is it more relevant/substantial than you're trying to claim? Yes.

Comment Re:Democrate here (Score 1) 525

Hilary is a compromise between our right wing and our progressives. That's kinda the point of progressivism: Progress. Hilary is progress.

No, it really isn't. Kasich would have been the compromise between the right wing and the progressives. Hillary isn't even remotely close to the middle. On defense spending, she's a hawk. On anything else, she's effectively Obama #2. When she comes up with any feasible plan to reign in Mandatory spending without "just tax the rich people more", I'll begin to see her as a compromise. But otherwise her plan is the same as Obama's before her: "spend more, tax the rich more, enlarge Mandatory spending." I see no deviation from that agenda.

Comment Re:Vote for Jill Stein and Gary. (Score 1) 525

Voting for a third party will almost always mean a vote taken away from a major candidate that is closer to what you want, thus supporting someone you less want to win.

Short-term thinking that ensures long-term corruption. Who cares if "your guy" doesn't win this particular election? It's exactly that train of thought that cements the "spoiler effect" into existence. What's more important to you? The next 4 years, or the next 40? For me, it's the latter. So my vote is third party. Early and often. You think a Republican or Democrat will ever push to change our voting system from "first past the post"? A 3rd party would. It would only take one win to make that happen. And then our politics are changed forever. Dream bigger, my friend.

More importantly, winning the election isn't the only relevance of the vote. It also sends messages to the establishment about their constituents. The rise of the Tea Party and the fiscal republicans was largely due to the success of Ron Paul, despite losing in the primaries. I guarantee you Bernie Sanders' success/popularity will have a similar effect on the Democrat establishment. One thing is for sure: the victory of Trump is going to cause huge ripples in the Republican establishment. Their usual tactics won't work anymore, and they know it.

Comment Re:This application needs a game in it (Score 2) 191

FWIW, I actually think that if they were to put in some effort, they really could fix it. Just think up a game (or two or three or ten), and add that to it. Treat the previous work as background/setting/universe_creation. Mapping the universe onto the real world was a good idea and I think we're going to see a lot more of that happening in the near future.

Well that's what they did - they put all that effort into Ingress. PokeGo was the culmination of all the crowd-sourced locations and some of the gameplay (battling for control of Gyms / Portals).

Augmented reality does look to be the future of gaming (much more so than "virtual reality"). The problem with Ingress and PokeGo that Niantic doesn't seem interested in solving is that a small group of dedicated and coordinated player can ruin the game for everyone else over a fairly large area.

Comment Re: How many people really support her? (Score 1) 525

The "theoretical" aspect you deride was terribly important to potential Democratic party competitors when they were deciding whether or not to run.
Sure, Hillary beat an angry old communist in a two person primary. Woo hoo. Why was it only a two person primary? Because everyone else saw the writing on the wall.

Comment How many people really support her? (Score 4, Insightful) 525

Democrats... what the hell were you thinking when you supported Hillary?

The super delegate system, plus some rigging at the DNC, ensured there was never really a choice. Potential qualified competitors realized that Hillary had all the super delegates bought and paid for, so they didn't even bother. Bernie was dug up as an 'opponent', a sham primary was had- it got a little out of control- and in the end, the pre-determined outcome was obtained.
I think few people really support Hillary. They're just being obedient to the party.

Comment Re:Be a Licensed Profession, folks... (Score -1) 332

Let me interject here as a business owner who hires developers to build the services sold to other businesses. So let me get this straight, you are going to prevent me from hiring whoever I want to do development and will further raise my costs? I already outsource 75% of my development work to Ukrainian developers. This will simply further increase this percentage to maybe 95% or what the hell, why not 100%?

Comment Re:UBI (Score 2) 366

Automating every last job is the correct path to a future where nobody has to work and we can just exist as humans, bettering ourselves.

Ideal society if you ask me. Working for masters is overrated.

I think we can look to children of the rich (and how they busy themselves when they don't have to look after their needs) to figure out where this road goes.

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