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Comment Re:News reporting creates cognitive biases (Score 1) 243

so few? there's over 100,000 total Teslas out there.

also, no, reporting on every crash is not fair. the claim is that autopilot is better than a human, not that autopilot is infallible. and that Teslas are safer than other cars, not that Teslas are indestructible. fair reporting would be reporting on the statistics, not individual Tesla incidents (while ignoring all other brand of cars' fatal accidents).

Comment Re:Question is it real or dis-information (Score 2) 146

even slick and savvy very intelligent people fuck up every once in a while. and when your organization is made up of 40,000 people, that means, statistically, at any point in time there is always someone in the process of fucking something up royally, no matter how sharp they are by and large.

Comment why is this getting so much attention? (Score 1) 440

i don't understand why this is a big deal. the guy was using the system in a way that is expressly advised against by the company. and it was still the other driver's fault anyway.

there have doubtless been thousands of fatal collisions caused by human error since this accident. i don't really get how even an ounce of blame is being put on the Tesla's system (which was being blatantly misused). it's still probably safer than most other cars (which are involved in fatal accidents every day)

Comment Re:because star wars is swords and sorcery fantasy (Score 1) 359

addressing the article, it's pretty ridiculous to pretend the stories ended up the way they did because of the properties of the tech in those worlds. the truth is obviously the opposite -- the tech of each franchise was engineered to fit the narrative purposes of the story. this is such an obvious point i can't believe i'm even spelling it out.

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