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Comment /. editors: why do you maintain this shit hole? (Score 3, Interesting) 1149

the comments section, i mean. honest question.

why do you guys bother keeping this comment section running, when it has clearly devolved into one of the worst, most openly racist and least interesting communities on the internet? okay, sure, there are communities specifically geared towards right-wing fascism and racism that are probably worse, but this site is supposed to be about, you know, tech news and stuff. but you guys have let it erode into something gross that almost nobody other than despicable morons want to participate in. i remember years ago when articles would have hundreds of interesting and insightful comments, with actual experts weighing in with well thought out reactions. those people are all gone, and with very good reason. are you glad they're gone? do you miss them? do you miss relevancy?

i doubt you are proud of providing a forum dominated by some of the worst elements of humanity. so that's why i'm asking why you continue to do so.

Comment Re:they need to drop Tesla from the name (Score 1) 69

wow you are out of touch. every idiot on the internet knows nikola tesla, he is very trendy and has been for years. to the point where Diane Rehm on NPR a couple years back did a show where her guest wrote a biography about Edison ... and every. single. call. was a hipster calling in to whine about how badly Edison screwed Tesla, and how amazing Tesla was, and what a jerk Edison was.

Comment Re:Remember kids! (Score 1) 406

it's funny to me when people accuse casinos of cheating. why in the world would you cheat, when you have people pouring in to your establishment voluntarily dumping truckloads of money into games whose very premise is that you will probably lose? the casino has every incentive to sit back and play by the rules as written, and no rational incentive to assume any of the risk involved in deceit or misconduct.

Comment Re:Remember kids: Only Losers Quit (Score 1) 406

uhm, yes, they are programmed to give specific outcomes. maybe you should look up how they work. the operator selects a payout percentage, and the machine then doles out wins at a rate that maintains that percentage. the computer in the slot machine determines whether you win or lose long before before the wheels stop turning.

and yes, it does intentionally stop them on a disproportionate number of "near miss" jackpots.

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