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Comment Books Ive recently read (Score 2) 352

The Psychology of Computer Programming, by Weinberg. Its from 1971 but still relevant. It tackles the management aspect of working in a team, how to handle difficult people etc. Clean Code, a great book for those interested in adopting a better coding style. Are your routines longer than 5 lines? Wrestling With Bears , goes into details about how to mitigate risk, evaluate and prioritize requirements and keep your projects on track. Test Driven iOS Development. Cocoa Design Patterns (if your an iOS developer); it really helps to understand what is happening under the hood of the API. Software Engineering by Ian Sommerville, for those interested in design, architecture and large systems. Its a rather long and very traditional (not agile friendly), but its comprehensive and good. Someone already mentioned K&R, I'd add C++ by Bjarne Stroustrump. Agile and Iterative Development: A Manager's Guide. Its not really a "managers guide", but more of a "How can I be a good team player" with an introduction on XP/UP and Scrum kind of a guide. Highly recommented.

Submission + - Baking a graphics card cake (

petur writes: My computer started to freeze regularly, a few weeks ago, while running computer games. A quick reboot or two fixed the problem.

I started digging into the internetz till I found someone who claimed that it was possible to fix broken display adpaters by baking them in the oven!


Submission + - Linux with a DNS Cache speeds up your Internet (

petur writes: "Most Linux distributions, unlike OpenSuSE, OS X and Windows, do not have a DNS Cache service installed by default.

Your computer will need to lookup a website’s IP address every time you visit it. The lookup request is passed on to the DNS server(s) specified in the /etc/resolv.conf file. It will take the server a few ms (milliseconds) at best to respond. It can take a ‘long’ time if your using a slow Internet connection (or a wireless LAN).

Caching DNS acts just like a regular DNS, from the users point of view. The service is configured to respond to lookup requests and return IP addresses. If the Caching DNS does not know the answer to the request, he will simply forward the request to the correct server and then forward the reply to you once it has been received.
So what’s the difference?"


Submission + - Nuclear Information Gap With Japan (

Quinn_Inuit writes: "A correspondent at TalkingPointsMemo has compared U.S. media sources covering the Fukushima reactor problems to Japanese sources and found even the most well-regarded of the U.S. sources long on sensationalism and short on facts. Michio Kaku gets special mention for prophesies of doom that were completely at odds with the facts on the ground."

Submission + - Google working on advanced Person Finder service (

it_reporter writes: "After succesfully helping the Japanese people find their loved ones, Google is now working on a new, more sophisticated version of its Person Finder service, available to the general public and aiming primarily at businesses, which helps users to track down persons for a very specific purpose."

Submission + - Women are subject to sexual harassment in online g (

petur writes: "Female players in the MMORPG ‘EVE Online‘ are subject to sexual violence from male players. The violence does not only take play within the virtual world, as atleast one case has been reported to the Icelandic police where a male player went uninvited to a female player home.

Anna Bragadóttir, a business major student at the University of Bifröst, wrote her final paper about the communications between male and female students in virtual games with a special interest in the game EVE Online. Anna reports that female players become subject constant sexual harrasment within the virtual world as soon as their have confirmed their sex by using voice-chat-communications with other players. Virtual firms within the game exploit female players for their virtual-marketing purposes and they get constant gifts and offers from other players."


Submission + - Citation map shows top science cities (

mikejuk writes: Which cities around the world produce not just the most but the best scientific papers? Using a database and Google Maps the answer is obvious.A paper in Physics arXiv describes how two researchers combined citation data with Google maps to create a plot showing how important cities around the world were in terms of their contribution to physics, chemistry or psychology.

Submission + - Microsoft Confirms an IE9 exploit in the wild (

petur writes: "According to Microsoft
Microsoft is investigating new public reports of a vulnerability in all supported editions of Microsoft Windows. The vulnerability could allow an attacker to cause a victim to run malicious scripts when visiting various Web sites, resulting in information disclosure. , resulting in information disclosure. This impact is similar to server-side cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities. Microsoft is aware of published information and proof-of-concept code that attempts to exploit this vulnerability.
To help protect users of our services, we have deployed various server-side defenses to make the MHTML vulnerability harder to exploit. That said, these are not tenable long-term solutions, and we can’t guarantee them to be 100% reliable or comprehensive."


Submission + - Angry birds coming to Facebook in May (

petur writes: "Angry Birds won't be making its way to Facebook anytime soon, a new report claims.
According to The Next Web, which says it spoke with Rovio's Peter Vesterbecka, the wildly popular game won't be available on Facebook until May, two months after it was expected to launch on the social network.

Read more:"


Submission + - Pwn2Own 2011: IE8 on Windows 7 hijacked with 3 vul (

BogenDorpher writes: "Thought Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7 was secure? Think again. During a hacking challenge at Pwn2Own, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 was successfully hacked by an Irish security researcher (Stephen Fewer) on a Windows 7 SP1 machine. This was all possible using three different vulnerabilities and exploitation techniques."

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