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Comment Re: hey, CBS doesn't promote Fox, either (Score 1) 223

Imagine if you couldn't buy an Amazon Fire phone from Goole Play... Imagine if you couldn't buy an Asus laptop from Imagine if you couldn't buy Target's store brand of clothes at Walmart... Imagine if you couldn't buy Kroger's Simple Truth organics at H-E-B... Imagine if you couldn't buy Corsair power supplies from Oh, wait. You can't do any of those. There's no anti-trust here, you morons.

Comment Re:Obesity is always caused by overeating (Score 1) 373

... the simple fact is there is no way to get fat without overeating.

Again, word choice... It should be "in general," not "simple fact." Why? There is a way to get fat without "over eating." If you know how to turn on survival mode and that would significantly reduce your body metabolism. As a result, you will gain weight even though you eat food less than the amount your body normally need.

Uh, no. You just moved the goal posts. If you "turn on survival mode" (whatever that means), and continue to eat the same amount, then you are now overeating. You can't gain body mass without inserting that mass into your body in the first place.

Comment Re:Yep (Score 1) 272

There's more than enough evidence that shows people with guns are the ones inclined to take them everywhere just to intimidate everyone within sight. In fact, nobody's ever seen somebody without a gun go around with a gun to intimidate people! You might want to see a psychiatrist for that denial and projection problem you have.

Comment Re: Yes I'm old.. (Score 1) 267

Really? You're claiming that PowerShell, running in a damn cmd.exe piss-poor excuse for a terminal, with Windows's crappy excuse for a console, "obliterates" what I can do with bash, either through Konsole or any of a dozen other terminal choices with tabbed interfaces, or on 12 non-X VTs that can be switched between, either of which takes a whole keystroke to swap between?

Comment Re:well then (Score 1) 132

The difference makes itself up quite quickly, hence, if you can't afford the up-front cost, you probably can't afford a new car in the first place, and a lot of people in that situation are too uneducated financially to even begin to understand the benefits of paying more up front instead of getting a lower "monthly payment" that'll cost you a lot more over time, and will jump on that $350 a month because they can "afford" it like they can afford spending $20 on fast food every single day instead of buying a microwave and some groceries and be saving money within a week.

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