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Comment NDAA Applauds Expiration of National Commission (Score 1) 281

Date: April 10, 2017

National District Attorneys Association Applauds Expiration of National Commission on Forensic Science

ARLINGTON, Virginia – The National District Attorneys Association (NDAA)
supports the announcement this morning by United States Attorney General
Jeff Sessions that he will not renew the charter for the National
Commission on Forensic Science, allowing the Commission to officially
expire. NDAA also appreciates the creation of a Subcommittee on
Forensics as part of the Attorney General’s Task Force on Crime
Reduction and Public Safety.

The Commission lacked adequate representation from the state and local
practitioner community, was dominated by the defense community,
and failed to produce work products of significance for the forensic
science community. Very few of the recommendations from the Commission
were adopted and signed by the previous Attorney General during its
existence. Those that were signed, such as universal accreditation, had
already begun to develop organically within the forensic science
community as accepted best practices, thus replicating ongoing work and
wasting taxpayer dollars.

Now more than ever, an Office of Forensic Science (OFS) under the
Department of Justice (DOJ), and in consultation with the National
Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), should be created. DOJ
has a vested interest in maintaining the overall integrity of the
criminal justice system while NIST has a role in the innovation of
forensic science.

“An Office of Forensic Science will ensure forensic science progresses
in the courtroom to not only aid in the prosecution of the guilty, but
exonerate the innocent,” said NDAA President Michael Ramos.

We can no longer afford to sit back and wait for the advancement and
support of forensic science. An OFS needs to happen now to guarantee
its effective future in the criminal justice system. NDAA agrees with
the Attorney General that the majority of forensic science in the field
is conducted by state and local crime labs, and then used by state and
local prosecutors in the courtroom. That reality must be a central focus
as we advance forensic science in the field.

The National District Attorneys Association (NDAA), www.ndaa.org, is the
oldest and largest prosecutor organization in the country, representing
2,500 elected and appointed District Attorneys across the United States,
as well as 40,000 Assistant District Attorneys.

Contact: Nelson Bunn, Director of Policy and Governmental Affairs, National District Attorneys
Association nbunn@ndaajustice.org.

Comment Re:give me a break. (Score 2) 113

this happens when you have a baby-boomer tech employee who refuses to retire. you let him ride out his last days as a senior or manager while backfilling him with what you hope are more competent and open minds.

So, in your world, young people with no experience in deploying networking will use
their "more competent and open minds" to do a job that older workers cannot,
even though the older worker has been aware of IPv6 for nearly as long as the
younger people have been alive. Because, you know, they are older.

Fuck You, you ageist piece of shit.
I hope someone sues your company into fucking oblivion.

Comment This isn't going to work (Score 1) 325

Random people can't buy the information, and trusted companies can only buy it in bulk,
and it's going to cost a lot more money than this guy could ever raise, anyway.
And even if all that weren't the case: the expose web site would be shut down as an
allegedly illegal operation, probably the operators arrested, and of course civil actions.

What will be necessary to make the point is for some Verizon employee to be compromised,
or their data center to be compromised, and the information to be leaked.
Then some group can do the de-anonymization work (or if somehow raw data were
available, the data integration work).
Then it can be published irrevocably on Wikileaks.

To be effective, it should include ALL of the lawmakers, not just the ones who voted wrong,
and also everyone in the White House, and the entire FCC board.
Not just the obvious wrongdoers.

Comment 2525 (Score 1) 392

"100 years into the future
She will enter a world where machines rule the earth
Mankind has been driven underground
And Cleopatra is about to discover
There's no place like home..."

In the year 20-and-17
Gates helped us with the machine
Everything you think, do and say
Is all recorded the Internet way

In the year 20-and-42
Robots do what you used to do
Taking jobs and bread out of our mouth
Global warming makes it feel like the south
Hot or cold the robots don't care
Robots are happy working every where

In the year 2067
Humans think it's just like heaven
No need to work, the robots do it all
We just go down to the beach
And play that volleyball

In the year two-zero-sixty-eight
We tax the robots, and aint that great
Robots work - just slaves
Gettin all the bad jobs done
While we write all the songs and have all the fun
(Whoa Whoa)

In the year 20-and-69
Bots are reading old articles online
Hawking warned about the alien threat
But mankind hasn't seen anything yet

In the year 2073
Robots have been using the Ear
Hearing things from way out in space
Bots wanna get out of this place

In the year 2117
Contact made on the planet green
Aliens arrive, they're here to free the slaves
Human masters driven down into the caves

Now it's been one hundred years
Man has cried a billion tears
For what, he never knew, now man's reign is through
Robots came from far outer space
Merged with ours, and took our place
Bailey's roam the surface of the Earth
Keeping it clean for all that it's worth
Mankind lives in a simulated world
Underground in a harmless underworld
But through eternal night, the twinkling of starlight
So very far away, maybe it's only yesterday...

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