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Comment Re:I call BS (Score 3, Insightful) 301

I call bullshit on this one. There is no way you can actually watch cable TV and not know what a commercial is. Even with a DVR you'll still see them.

Keep in mind that we are talking about kids under ten. If nobody explained to them what a commercial is it is very likely that they see it as normal TV show.

Comment The scary part (Score 3, Informative) 301

It could be just me, but I wouldn't worry so much about the kids on Netflix not knowing what a commercial is. You would kind of expect that. What worries me is that

38% of kids in regular television homes don't know what commercials are

. I am sure these kids will grow up and learn what a commercial is, but considering the amount of commercial on American TV it is hard to believe that they have not been heavily exposed to those.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1, Troll) 398

Why is this bullshit moded "interesting"? US unemployment has been steadily declining for the past 7 year of the Obama administration, after the previous "business friendly" president completely fucked up the economy by refusing to regulate the banking sector. Obama's "economically toxic" policies seem to have been very good for the economy. I hope you don't think sticking a label will make us ignore the facts. Most of the slashdot crowd is not that stupid. Please do not offend us with you idiocy.

Comment Re:Coal workers (Score 1, Informative) 504

You miss the point. Obama through ACA (obamacare) helped the miners by increasing their healthcare benefits and providing the families of deceased miners with benefits. They hated him with passion in return, now they stand to lose those benefits. They are decent hard working people, but this doesn't change the fact they have been brainwashed to absurd levels and because of that every choice they make ends up hurting them. There is no future for coal and not because Obama hates miners, but because it is no longer economical, even with the subsidies and underhand tricks that are being played out. It cannot sustain the Appalachian region economy. Yet most people in the region consistently vote for representatives that promise them to bring back the old coal jobs. They even elected Jim Justice for governor of West Virginia. This is the guy whose mines repeatedly placed miners lives at risk by skirting safety regulations. Then he screwed them again by not paying millions in fines, local taxes and severance fees.

Comment Re:What about at night? (Score 1) 504

What about it? This is a problem that has both modern and very old solutions. Long time ago when nuclear was generating excess power at night when demand is low, people made pumping hydroelectric plants. They used excess power to pump water uphill during the night and reversed the flow to generate power during peak hours. With solar they will pump water during the day and generate power during the night. We have thermal solar power plants that can store heat in molten salt for night time generation. We have utility size batteries that can store power for night time use.

You seem to forget that solar is not the only renewable. We also have wind which is as competitive as solar. While the sun doesn't shine at night, the wind keeps blowing.

As we use less power during the night we need to generate less, so photo voltaic solar plants coming offline during the night can be compensated by storage, wind and hydro. And I would love if we maintain and develop nuclear power for baseline generation. Unfortunately this is getting more and more expensive.

Comment No matter how clueless we are ... (Score 4, Insightful) 259

... machine learning is the solution. And cancer is not "like a computer virus that invades and corrupts the body's cells". That is how an actual virus works, hence the analogy by which the "computer virus" term came to be. Cancer is more like when a bit randomly flips in RAM and then by pure coincidence this causes a memory leak within an infinite loop that spreads shit all over the place until everything comes crashing down.

Comment Re:Brought to you by SJWs (Score 4, Informative) 128

What I wonder after reading this sorry story is: was Holmes aware that she was selling snake oil all along, or did she start out with the genuinely belief that her company could make the technology work? I'm willing to believe the latter: they did try, but the longer their breakthrough failed to materialize, the more they had to shift their efforts towards keeping up appearances, or "controlling the narrative" as it's called.

Holmes new the technology cannot possibly work. According to the articles I have read on the topic (including the one in Vanity Fair) she was told so directly by her professors at Stanford when she approached them with the startup idea. Her chief scientist was telling her that the thing is not working. What did she do? She stuffed her board with people who new nothing about biology, chemistry or engineering. The job of her second in command at the company was exclusively to suppress information leaking out. So yes, she new what she was doing: scamming people out of their money.

The VF article also tells a disturbing story how friends and political connections of her father basically propped up the company, gave it legitimacy and suppressed inquiry through legal threats (David Boies) and by using their commanding position in the military (Gen. James Mattis).

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