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Comment Re:Hydogen is just a way to store energy, a (Score 1, Interesting) 630

It's a poor way to store energy the same way nuclear power is a very expensive way to boil water. Fusion is our best bet, our science isn't there yet. Hydrogen can replace hydrocarbons, eliminating reliance on fossil fuels in the near term long before we master cold fusion, matter/anti-matter or (insert random scifi power source) to replace it. If goal is permanent cheap power? it's a not yet result. To remove our dependence and trashing of the environment as well as producing clean water as a side effect? hydrogen is the way to go, for now

Comment Will Admit At/Before Birth (Score 1) 170

This is a new trend, not educating fetuses, but allowing parents to register their kids for the school as soon as the parents know the kid is coming. This has been happening in several "private" schools for years. It's to reserve a spot in a competitive school. This is the same nonsense that Manhattan pre schools use now in advertisements where they say XX% of our students go on to Ivy League or something similarly silly. More fuel for the hype train. 700 kids? drop in the bucket, want to do real good? Put the schools like this is one of the states where education is a complete failure and give the parents an honest opportunity to get a good education for their kids. Palo Alto spends over 14K per student per year.... put this somewhere where they spend 2K per student per year

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