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Comment We should have already noted something ... (Score 1) 212

... if that was true. Several experiments to determine the neutron flux falling with the inverse square law (for a point source) have been done so far. To my knowledge none of them suggested the neutron particles were "leaking" into other dimensions. String theorists, go look elsewhere.

Comment not all science (Score 1) 958

Not everything in this list is science. Some are not science at all, just marketing. Diet pills or diet advertised in TV programs are not studied scientifically. Some may have some anecdotal basis like paleo-diet, most are just crazy sh**, but all of them haven't been studied scientifically because it simply takes time and money to prove that a diet works. And usually money is the biggest problem. The fat in your food does not necessarily make you fat, food industry makes you fat. They take the nutrition out of their food by processing it and adding sugar, salt and other cheap ingredients to make it taste better. The only science behind food industry is marketing. Which is the same industry behind the climate change denials ... Sounds like a connection here, huh

Comment Re:ATI Or Intel (Score 1) 260

Take Intel. I own an old (5+ years) ATI laptop and not happy with it. After ATI dropped its proprietary driver I had to move on and get the open source, which really sucks. My laptop has and ATI r400 series (X1200). Basically, the last 3 years of open source code support sucks. Sloooow 3D! Sure it works fine to play videos. At work I have a Lenovo Intel laptop of about the same age and its 2D/3D graphics are way better than the ATI with open source supported by the manufacturer.

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