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Comment Re:To Make Hydrogen Fuel?! (Score 1) 121

My bad, I was thinking He3. As for the Drone? A Drone is also a type of Bee. But all irony aside. Why not go after the He3 on the surface of the moon with machines that can be controlled from Earth? Why does an investor want to build a sun when there are other methods that are field tested and cheaper? What is the pay off?

Comment Re:Google envy (Score 2) 353

So basically for Microsoft in this day and age, the end user is not the customer? The end user is a commodity that Microsoft sells to other corporations who are the customers?

Gee, that sounds familiar. I left Microsoft for Linux in 1999 because of it. I have never looked back.

--"Windows is not the answer. Windows is the question. The answer is 'No'." As true now as it was then.

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