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Comment Have they actually prodcued anything? (Score 3, Interesting) 90

I know they have concepts and maybe some engineering drawings but have they actually contracted out for the development of anything? There has to be some supporting equipment they could be accumulating right now, right?

I wonder if they ever considered partnering with a company like SpaceX?

I could see this going somewhere with the right mix of companies, but right now I just don't see one organization pulling it all together.

Comment Re:Not the reason Apple is behind in AI (Score 1) 26

Granted that Voice to Text is not a trivial endeavor; text input to an app is. The reason for this choking of Apple progress isn't because its AI endeavors have hit a creative wall, it's because the H1B zombies only do what they're told. Machiavelli stated this argument when he wrote of Mercenaries; they're good at their trade, but not dependable. The fact that Apple is looking for innovation from a pack of H1B zombies is comedy.

Comment Re:Which media company would refuse to stir up shi (Score 2) 588

Sure, it's an appalling idea, but can we wait until it's an actual plan before pouring out the vitriol?

So, we should wait until the actual contracting stage to express indignation? The fact the other companies didn't unanimously and immediately shit-can this idea says more bad things about America than burning a flag could ever accomplish.

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