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Comment Re:Going Howard Hughes... (Score 1) 98

Yes, but its first use would not be to move factory-built houses, but pieces of windmills.

A major limitation and expense on wind farms is the need to transport oversize blades to the sites, which requires some serious road building, considering that many of the best sites are in rugged terrain, and maneuvering a truck with a 36m payload means you need to build a route without any sharp turns. If the airship can also function as a sky crane, then erecting the windmill's mast and attaching the blades is a lot less expensive, too. Very likely the only roads that a wind farm would need would be the kind of dirt roads that would service the power lines.

Other low hanging fruit would include moving lightweight but bulky produce like lettuce from farm to market, a lower cost alternative to helicopter logging, installation and servicing of cell towers in remote sites, and use in regional emergencies such as floods (Katrina) or earthquakes.

We are 20 years overdue for a new airship industry. We had the technology to produce commercially viable airships before the turn of the century. It is long past time to see these air whales overhead.

Comment Re: Louisiana is one big sinkhole (Score 1) 307

Consider the reality of it. Those that have the resources to effectively cause a solution are beating the drum loudest for humanity it ignore the issue of raising sea levels and those human actions that cause it. So you've got to ask yourself some serious questions. One such question is, "What would the sea level be if both polar caps and Greenland melted?"

Comment Can we stop? (Score 1) 339

There is not a single person, anywhere, who actually expected him to even begin to deliver on this promise. He says whatever the hell he feels like saying in the moment and has absolutely no interest whatsoever in actually doing the work of running a country--then or now.

Please stop pretending otherwise. Things are bad enough without this layer of affectation.

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