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Comment Logged in after two years (Score 1) 2219

I haven't been a productive poster, but have read Slashdot regularly since 2000. I created an account in 2007 for some reason, just to argue I guess, but I wasn't able to defend myself from the superior knowledge and experience delivered in a somewhat nice way. 7 years later, I have been looking at /. at least few times a week for the highly commented on articles and looking at the comments for more insight on interesting topics. It would be a shame if this was Digg2 and it tanked in a short time. I was very shocked at the Digg transition, but there is probably some inertia here after 20 years.

Comment Re:Define 'Harm' (Score 1) 356

Yeah, I *could* ride my bike to work and help my boss make flour or smith useful things for the local populace. I guess I wouldn't actually have a bike in that situation though... So say walk out the front door and start picking weeds out of the crops I have planted... Dreaming of the day I could buy a plow horse. But I would need some property. Yeah, free! No picking weeds for the local lord for a farthing. Right out I'd say, and mean it. Something like that. Luxury compared to my 20 min commute across the bridge to design stuff on a computer.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 1) 539

The Apple magic sure has worked for most of you here. I can't believe all the half-excuses for an Apple-employed Chinese company treating their workers so bad. Did you see the videos? Are you (still) a bunch self-righteous douchebags after all these years?

Comment Re:Apple. (Score 1) 539

Wow, you are are in a sad state. Sorry. I had 5 W-2s to file last year because I was laid off from my 'good job' the year before. I immediately restarted at the bottom with temp jobs, shopped around, and am now enjoying my current job. It's full time staff in electronics at a university & a lot more enjoyable than the the one I had a year ago with the same pay. I'll probably stay here for a while.

Comment Re:Chemistry teaching in Britain (Score 1) 418

I work in a microfab facility that has some dangerous solutions that I need to use, like HF, H2SO4 96% and Silane gases for wafer fab.

My worst experience back in my organic chem days was with fuming nitric acid. I blew out the bottom of a couple pieces of glassware because I was careless & left a drop or two of rinse water in them :/

Comment Re:Doomed (Score 1) 271

I'd seriously like to see Agilent make calculators. They could make $150 48GX that would probably sell well bundled with the $700 function generator or the $40,000 network analyzer. I wonder why they haven't even tried...

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