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Comment Re:What are they mostly used for? (Score 1) 406

Notifications. Yes I know, you can get Notifications on your phone. It's hard to describe the convenience of being able to glance at your wrist. That's the killer app.

It does a shitload of other stuff t, but frankly Notifications alone make it worth wearing. Some other things I use a lot - reminders, alarms, timers, fitness tracking. My personal favorite is temperature readout from the Weber bluetooth thermometer for grilling; it sounds silly, but man it's nice to have.

Comment Re:Why (Score 1) 201

Grid scale storage could be a good dumping ground for worn out lithium ion batteries that don't work to full capacity. People complain if the batteries don't have the full range for a car, but these batteries may still be useful for grid scale storage during that part of their life cycle.

Comment Re:Over/under: Invasion of sovereign nation or tru (Score 1) 821

You've missed my point completely, so I'll restate it.

Regardless of how stupid the Democrats were (and it's pretty breathtaking), it was illegal and unethical to access their private systems and spread biased and potentially untrue information.

Here is a simple analogy. If a neighbor leaves their doors unlocked, it's illegal and unethical to go into their home and take their stuff to prove a point about security, and then appoint yourself the moral police by showing the world their offensive porno collection you've stolen.

Comment Re:Over/under: Invasion of sovereign nation or tru (Score 2) 821

You're damned right I'm outraged. The selection of our elected officials has been tainted through illegal and unethical methods.

It's not about Democrats vs. Republicans, it's about influencing elections and breaking the law with illegal access of private systems.

Regardless of who was behind Wikileaks documents related to US politics, they were almost entirely anti-Democrat. Anybody who thinks that Republicans don't have a comparable amount of dirty laundry is delusional. Why anyone would trust the veracity of these 'leaked" documents and the motivations of those responsible is beyond me.

I would think, however unlikely, that if the Russian government is not directly responsible, they should be highly motivated at this point to help bring those responsible to justice. There has to be some response and it has to be now because it is unlikely to occur after President Trump becomes our President.

There is a right way and a wrong way to fix the system. Breaking the law, being a traitor, and using unscrupulous means to win an election are lazy self-serving shortcuts that none of us should ever support.

As technical professionals, many of us have the capability of accessing private systems. Don't do it. It's illegal and unethical. If you want to change the system do it the right way through legal means, otherwise you become worse than those you oppose.

Comment Lot of hate here... (Score 2) 100

I think its cool that a guy with essentially unlimited resources wants to get his hands dirty and do something real for himself. It sounds like he didn't use an army of developers to develop a commercial product, but that he whipped up something on his own to gain a better understanding of what the challenges are for machine learning and a home control system.

Comment Re:Why lasers? (Score 2) 115

Q) Why would you use lasers to measure differences between matter and anti-matter?
A) Because lasers can be controlled and tuned excite the electrons and positrons to just the right amount of energy for them to jump to their next energy state and when that energy is released can be measured to verify the accuracy of the mathematical model of the atom in question. Since you don't have a lot of anti-matter to play with, one needs a very well controlled light source with a high degree of precision and accuracy.

Q) As far as I know, the only difference between the two is supposed to involve the weak force rather than the electromagnetic force (on which light is based).
A) Antimatter exhibits the same properties of all forces the same way as matter. Antimatter particles however have opposite charge and spin in relation to matter. E.g. the electron has an opposite negative charge compared to the positron which is positively charged and the quarks that make up a proton have the opposite spin and charge compared to its antimatter counterpart the anti-proton.

Bonus) ... the weak force rather than the electromagnetic force (on which light is based)
A) It has been shown that the weak force which regulates radioactive decay of an atomic nucleus is actually a special case of the electromagnetic force.

Comment Re:Let me be the first to say congrats. (Score 1) 36

>No, they do not. Batteries are an expensive and inefficient waste of money and energy, when you have a grid connection.
Power companies shortly will no longer be required to purchase electricity from homeowners, so the grid is not a storage alternative. Additionally, batteries are a backup solution in the event the grid doesn't supply power.

>There are innumerable electricians out there, and they're all certified for such tasks.
Absolutely correct. That's why Solar City certifies, trains and hires local electricians like the one that installed my connection to charge my car.

Comment Re:Let me be the first to say congrats. (Score 2) 36

Homes with solar panels need batteries. Electric cars need batteries. The gigafactory makes batteries for both. Electric cars need electrical service for charging at homes and businesses. SolarCity specializes in delivering qualified installation services. They did a great job installing my electrical service for my car. The sharing of engineering, marketing and sales resources are obvious synergy.

The vast majority of the affected shareholders agreed and it was their decision to make. They can sell their stock if they think its a bad idea.

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