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Comment Re: Reverse AI (Score 1) 131

Chess AI really isn't that advanced at all. Chess is not a solved game, so for beginning part (the first 15-25 moves) computers are actually very poor. They compensate by selecting moves from a database of human games pruned by humans for computer use. It's more like a scripted response than AI. However as the game simplifies and becomes more of a tactical question than a strategic one computers are in their own league. To prepare for the tournament the players will look over a database of chess games selecting what they feel is relevant for their oppent and then manually search for new moves/ideas in those positions. Computers make sure there are no tactical errors and double check the players work.

Comment Re:Dealerships are a facade (Score 1) 261

While the system isn't perfect, ensuring there is a parts distribution center at the same place you bought your car is a boon for consumers. Manufacturers are not set up to sell individual car parts to every car owner as they have to handle their own logistics (too big for UPS). If you buy a car online and the nearest dealership is hundreds of miles away you might just be completely screwed when it comes to maintenance.

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