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Comment Re:An old Soviet joke ... (Score 2) 1052

McDonalds doesn't pay $15-20/h.

If you live somewhere nice enough that McDonalds and Grocery Stores can't maintain a functional staff, then what they are willing to pay is not in line with what it costs to live and work in your area. Actually, UBI might help them hire more easily.

However, in 20 years each McDonalds store will only have one or two employees. All of the jobs that you're talking about are GOING AWAY. The people who have those jobs now are completely fucked. UBI isn't about right now, it's about trends that are happening right now and are expected to massively change the employment landscape.

Comment Re:Inflation, anyone? (Score 1) 1052

Rent would only go up $1000 if the market could support it, which in the face of massive unemployment is unlikely. Builders might build better houses, but the cost of builder labor would still be set by competition with the other two million contractors capable of building a house. Having more money in the system doesn't automatically rule out competition.

Submission + - SPAM: Exxon Challenges Oak Cliff Comic Store Over Red Pegasus Logo

An anonymous reader writes: For about the last two years Red Pegasus Comics has operated using a red Pegasus.

On Tuesday, lawyers for Irving-based ExxonMobil informed the comic book store it needed to change its logo or could face a lawsuit.

Driving through Dallas, a person will easily spot the mythological flying horse all over the place. It’s found on flags, shirts, show posters, pillows, coffee cups and license plate covers.
But it likely will not be found at Red Pegasus anymore.

“I think most people in Dallas at least associate the red Pegasus with Dallas at large,” said Kenneth Denson, co-owner of Red Pegasus Comics.
“We were kind of like, I guess we’ve arrived. We caught attention from a top ten company,” said Denson. “They said our name was okay, but that we needed to revise our logo.”

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Submission + - TeamViewer denies being hacked, blames users, introduces new security measures ( 1

Mark Wilson writes: In the last couple of weeks there have been a huge number of reports from TeamViewer users that their computers have been hijacked. In addition to this, users of the remote access tool have complained of funds being extracted from PayPal and bank accounts. But TeamViewer insists that there has not been a security breach, instead shifting the blame to users.

The company says they are in the habit of reusing the same passwords for a number of apps and services. It suggests that recent high profile security breaches — such as the password dumps from MySpace and LinkedIn — have allowed cyber criminals to learn TeamViewer log in credentials. Despite laying the blame firmly at the feet of users, the company is introducing two new measures to help increase security.

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