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Comment Re: (Score 1) 168

Or the lot of them, all 6000, are just a bunch of your run-of-the-mill OFFICE MOANERS who have time to participate in surveys. Their shitty computers load survey pages so fast you see. Must be a virus or something.

Wait, 6000? I thought there are 500.000.000 people in Europe? So 6000 MOANERS makes a decent sample-size now, does it?

I have never EVER had issues with workplace machines, only a few times when office laptops were stolen overnight, promptly replaced by new laptops and ONCE when the multi-core CPU and RAM far-outclassed the ageing HDDs inside new thinkstations. And that was only getting on some peoples nerves when booting up in the morning! 1 minute and 28 seconds WASTED!!! EVERY DAY!!! And even then IT support picked up on the fact rather quickly and proceeded to do performance monitoring and ask us to time boot ups etc. Don't know what happened afterwards as I left but I presume they bought a cardboard box of SSDs soon after...


Comment Re: This reminds me (Score 2) 300

Well, true, either that OR, slightly more plausible - some new hot-shot CIO decided he wants to impress the board by upping the ROI/stock price by getting rid of a few hundred (or thousand) old, slow, smelly "programmers". So he did.
Just like HSBC did in 2012, lest we forget. New hot-shot CIO decided..and a new hot-shot l337 h4xx0r from the indian subcontinent decided... to upgrade MQ, of all things. Clearing the "Queue" in MQ makes the upgrade quicker... How many million people couldn't get to their "banking facilities" including, funnily enough, CASH, for a whole week, remind me again?
At which point old, slow, smelly "programmers" decided that 27 quid an hour wasn't going to cut it anymore, which it didn't. Not sure what happened to the hot-shot CIO though..

Submission + - Google Chrome to Distrust Symantec SSLs for Mis-issuing 30,000 EV Certificates (

techviral writes: Google announced its plans to punish Symantec by gradually distrusting its SSL certificates after the company was caught improperly issuing 30,000 Extended Validation (EV) certificates over the past few years.

The Extended Validation (EV) status of all certificates issued by Symantec-owned certificate authorities will no longer be recognized by the Chrome browser for at least a year until Symantec fixes its certificate issuance processes so that it can be trusted again.

Submission + - SPAM: Latest Leaked WikiLeaks Reveals How the CIA Collapse Apple Products

An anonymous reader writes: WikiLeaks document to re-issue a new leak on Thursday. According to the latest documents that disclosed non-profit institutions leaker confidential data, the United States Intelligence Agency (CIA) has developed tools to break into Apple products, like the iPhone and MacBook.

The document describes the CIA attempt to hack some device that had been considered impenetrable. They use methods of hacking to access the product directly. Since it was developed in 2009 and 2013, the device was no possibility of infecting the latest Apple devices.

In a news conference, WikiLeaks revealed that the CIA had access to Apple products to sabotage their shipments (opened, infects, and sends back) will come out or into the United States.

However, CNET were not able to verify the authenticity of documents related to this. As of March, the CIA again declined to comment on the authenticity of the document. At that time, WikiLeaks disseminate information about the kinds of devices that hackers can attack the operating system from a variety of popular devices, including the Samsung SmartTV that require physical access to his hack.

"It is the duty of the CIA to be the most innovative, advanced and forward-thinking in order to protect the country from threats that come," said CIA. "Americans deserve it."

Apple states that employees vulnerable infected is a type of 3G in the iPhone series, which was launched in 2009. While the Mac series, cracks vulnerable have been addressed to any device that is released after the year 2013.

"We will never negotiate with WikiLeaks for any information," said Apple. "We have given instructions to keep them informed of any information through a standard procedure that we've applied. So far we have received no information that is not public domain. "

The device targeted Apple firmware, which is software that play a role in fundamental processes. One of the devices that were outlined in the CIA document was "Sonic Screwdriver" that can infect MacBook firmware via the Thunderbolt port.

Processes for its outbreak using the same loophole to the problems described by security researcher Trammel Hudson in 2015. They developed a hacking tool called "Thunderstrike 2" that infects Macbook firmware through the Thunderbolt port is a new gap anticipated Apple in 2015.

Another device described is used to infect Apple is a cache that could infect iPhones in 2008, according to Wikileaks exposure. They noted that these devices have been developed up to version 1.2. "The CIA has plagued the supply chain iPhones since 2008," said Wikileaks.

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Submission + - Insane Mode: How Elon Musk's Tesla Sparked an Electric Revolution to End the Age (

An anonymous reader writes: A former insider at Tesla Motors tells the astounding story of the most revolutionary car company since Ford and shows how under Elon Musk's "insane mode" leadership, the company is bringing an end to the era of gasoline-powered transportation.

Hamish McKenzie tells how an unlikely West Coast start-upâ(TM)s audacious dream came true. How, against all the odds, Musk created a US car company that would go up against not only the might of the government-backed Detroit companies, but also the massive power of Big Oil and its benefactors, the infamous Koch brothers.

The new Tesla Model 3, scheduled to go on sale in fall 2017 with a price tag of $35,000, is set to transform the public perception of Teslaâ"around 400,000 people have put down $1,000 to preorder the car since it was announced in spring 2016.

As McKenzie shows, Tesla has triggered frenzied competition from other companies, but Tesla is far ahead of the pack because it is building the highest-quality cars and infrastructure that a new era of transportation will require. The age of electric cars is launching around the world, especially in China, and McKenzie interviews little-known titans who have the money and the market access to power the electric car revolution quickly and decisively.

"Insane Mode" is not just a button on the dash of the first Model S that gave you acceleration like a Ferrari, it isn't even just a description of the 24/7 energy of a visionary car company, it is the title of a book about a new world of transportation and the very best kind of American ingenuity.

Submission + - SPAM: Opera Mini Update Android features, this New Things were so Mainstay

An anonymous reader writes: Opera Mini add and update some of their features in Android-based devices to improve the standard of content distribution, engagement, and accessibility of the mobile browser.

"Mobile browser will become a gateway for Internet users and lately almost all users to enjoy internet content on the small screen while on the move.

There are some of the challenges related to the availability of bandwidth, content distribution and accessibility," said Executive Vice President of Mobile Business Unit Opera Software, Nuno Sitima, in a written statement.

Opera update download manager to let users easily download more video and music as well as preventing clicking pop-up ads.

When users access social media, MP3, or sites to download movies, Opera Mini will automatically scan it and provide a link to download directly, users only need to activate Extreme Mode.

Downloadable content will appear in the form of drop-down menu at the top of the screen, without having to scroll the screen.

Opera Mini now features a newsfeed powered artificial intelligence (artificial intelligent) to read the user's habits. Mobile browser will display the message according to what is often read.

Unique compression technology of Opera Mini now extended to storage features of the page so the page size that is saved will be as small as 10% of its original size. This feature ensures that users save pages that contain important content desired.

When wearing extreme mode, boost video technology will save 50 percent more data and faster to load video.

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Submission + - SPAM: Donald Trump Place The Whisperer Technology in the White House

An anonymous reader writes: President Donald Trump is slowly filling an adviser at the White House with the people in the field of technology. A week after hiring Peter Thiel as chief technology division, according to three sources familiar with the case, Trump hired Matt Lira, digital parts Republican officials.

Lira Recode report will act as a special assistant to the president for policy innovation and initiative. He joined Kevin McCarthy where Lira help initiatives that focus on technology policy issues.

One of the tasks Lira, for example, helped McCarthy to pass a bill that makes the technology engineer describes a brief statement to the task of the federal government — it is signed by Barack Obama in the final hours of his reign as president.

Lira himself did not respond to requests for comment, but an e-mail to his old place to mention that he left the area on March 17.

Prior to joining the GOP in July 2015, Lira served as head of the national committee Republican senator, who helped fund and choose a Republican candidate for the US Senate.

Lira has also served as senior adviser to former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and he worked as head of digital for Paul Ryan when Ryan ran as the vice presidential candidate in the 2012 presidential election.

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