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Comment Re:20 years? (Score 1) 237

I found competitors early on and Marine rushed Protus taking out all of their mining units before they had a single anything else. That was fun.

Also I loved going up against tanks. Find a group of tanks together and send a sacrificial peon up as close as you could get it to one of the tanks, then attack at pont blank range. All of the surrounding tanks will attack your peon destroying one of their own in the process and maybe doing damage to others.

Comment Re: The Beauty of Open Source (Score 1) 156

I was a MythTV user at one time in the past, I loved it and even used it for content management much like I now do with Kodi. The move away from NTSC, but NOT towards QAM because cable companies are pricks just caused me to not care about live TV anymore. It's part of why my DVD/BluRay library is huge and I actually want Netflix and the like to work on Kodi.

Comment Re:DIY? No, more like DOA (Score 1) 156

I'm one of the people who uses Kodi religiously without piracy add-ons. I buy my own content, both music and movies, and use it. I even have a hacked Gen 1 Apple TV to play those things remotely. It's annoying to have to start up the PS3 in the living room or the Wii in the bedroom for Netflix, Hulu and Amazon content, especially since there used to be a working Amazon plugin.

No, some of us just want to be legal and convenient at the same time.

Comment Re:Deception - just one kind of tax. (Score 2) 903

My sister used to work for a downstream petroleum company, she told me that a the taxes on a gallon of gas - more than ten years ago when she worked there - was about 70% of the at the pump cost.

If this went 100% to roads I wouldn't be as annoyed, but we can tell by the conditions of our roadways this absolutely is not the case.

Comment Deception - just one kind of tax. (Score 5, Insightful) 903

The problem isn't that just one tax - the payroll/income tax being high.

It's that after you pay that you still have to pay social-security (which isn't operating in the way it commissioned to operate), the medicare, state income tax (in most states), health insurance - which in now a tax per the supreme court, car inspection, vehicle registration, property tax, sales tax at the register, "universal service fee", among other things that creep in we are much more highly taxed than we get credit for when you're only looking at payroll/income.

For a couple of years I was at 53% removed from my paycheck before I got paid, THEN the sales tax etc.... happened.

Submission + - The Kodi development team wants to be legitimate and bring DRM to the platform. (torrentfreak.com)

pecosdave writes: The XBMC/ Kodi development team has taken a lot of heat over the years, mostly due to third party developers introducing piracy plugins to the platform, then in many cases cheap Android computers are often sold with these plugins pre-installed with the Kodi or XBMC name attached to them. The Kodi team is not happy about this, and has taken the fight to the sellers. The Kodi team is now trying to work with rights holders to introduce DRM and legitimate plugins to the platform. Is this the first step towards creating a true one-stop do it yourself Linux entertainment system?

Submission + - Is Twitter getting paid by United to delete negative tweets? (thenextweb.com)

dooode writes: As you would have read, United just had another Nazi moment, where they had to "re-allocate" a customer using some (not so gentle) force. The social web seems to have been taken by a storm by this incident. But suddenly people are noticing their tweets are being deleted, some of them merely status questions. Does twitter make money (read bribes) to delete negative tweets? What do you feel about it?

Comment Make a fucking Kodi plugin. (Score 2) 62


If you don't want the hacker community hacking together some cluster fuck of a front end so it's half-assed included into Kodi, do it yourself now. You will get more subscribers, have an interface you can get behind, and you will be reaching out to people who are already statistically more likely to be Android people than iPhone people anyways. It's a good way to keep your customers happy.

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